Fake Movie Friday: Family Crest

Listen. I’m sorry. I missed yesterday. 31 weeks without missing a Friday. My Friday streak is over, but I’m not skipping a week. Birthday boy Andrew Dunn suggested this title last night.

Family Crest

Charlie is the immature and wild son of a nobleman in medieval Britain. His father is constantly trying to teach him the importance of duty and family. He gives him a big speech about their family crest and what it means. Charlie doesn’t pay much attention and causes trouble around the castle.

A messenger arrives with news of an approaching rival army. Charlie wants to go and fight but his father says he cannot, he is too young and needs to look after the house. As his father and the others are out preparing Charlie is left to guard the crest. He ditches the duty and it is stolen by a mysterious figure.

His father returns with his men and is distraught. He says the other clans won’t rally with them without the crest. His advisor Douglas confirms as much and says that Charlie should be punished. Charlie’s dad is hesitant but Douglas talks him into it.

Charlie escapes and sneaks around the castle. He over hears Douglas and finds out that he is a traitor. He runs off determined to retrieve the crest. He goes on QUITE the adventure. Befriends a strange forest girl. HE gets the crest and rallies the other clans to fight the invaders.

The End.

Ok, so I’m technically not skipping the week, but I can’t do this right now. My brian hurts.