Fake Movie Friday: Healthy Living Through Sobriety

Thankfully Russ posted his movie, I always worry when I am the first one to post… Like maybe everyone forgot. Or they’re off having fun without me while I’m writing and they stopped caring… We’ll deal with these issues and more (no we won’t) in my latest movie! This will be another quick one, I’m just trying to figure out what this will be about… all I have right now is the title. I kinda like this title:

Healthy Living Through Sobriety

We open on 20-something Tyler, who is just being let out of jail for selling narcotics in Missouri. His parents are picking him up. There is a whole lot of voice overs that set up where he has been and what happened. There is also one of those very awkward car rides where no one says anything the whole trip and just stares forward.

Upon arriving home Tyler finds that the door to his room has been taken off, there are bars outside of his window, and his room is almost completely empty except for a bed. Neither of his parents drink or do drugs and they are both hardcore conservative Christians and as such the house is decorated accordingly. After dropping his stuff off his parents make him go with them to a picketing of a funeral because the deceased was gay. Tyler tries to fight it but his parents argue that they posted bail and had to refinance their house to get him out, and as such he has to play ball. So they go, and Tyler hates it but on the way he sees one of his old friends, Sam.

Sam follows Tyler and watches as everything happens. Sam comes up to Tyler later on after everything is winding down and asks him how everything is going. Tyler tells his story, Sam asks him if he would be interested in dealing again, Tyler says he doesn’t want to cause any more trouble. Sam is then chased off by Tyler’s parents who tell him to stay away from their son.

Tyler plays along with his parents for a while. They go to church, attend more protests, burn political figures in effigy, etc. He notices a lot of bored kids around and decides to get in touch with Sam, who hooks him up with some drugs and he starts selling to the people who are being dragged to these events.

He starts making lots of money, but can’t really do anything with it without arising suspicion from his parents so he just stashes everything under his bed. Tyler doesn’t want to use anymore, but he doesn’t find any harm in making some money while his parents drag him around.

Eventually one of the parents sees him and Tyler thinks it’s all over, but he quickly realizes that the parent wants to buy off him too. Eventually Tyler has almost the entire mob buying from him with the exception of his parents and a few other stragglers.

At the biggest rally of the year Tyler is selling to everyone and eventually gets caught by his parents who are furious. So much so they they make a public display of him, thinking that the town will be with them. Little do they know everyone but them is stoned and is on Tyler’s side. They disown him and Tyler heads back to his house, gets the stash of money he was hiding, and takes off, walking down a dry road towards the horizon where the sun is setting over the Ozark Plateau.


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