Fake Movie Friday: Fighting Midnight

How did I forget it was Fake Movie Friday? 40-something Fridays in a row (yes and one Saturday) I have written one, and this week I just totally forget? So I have 13 minutes to write this. Let’s do it.

Fighting Midnight

Our main character William sits at the counter of the local diner. He is served a big breakfast by a hot waitress who flirts with him. The people around him all say hi. He is clearly a big shot in town. The mayor of the town walks in and sits next to him and starts to ask William for advice.

William laughs and then notices at the end of the bar a beautiful woman in a red dress. The mayor makes a crack at how she is staring at William and how he gets all the women. The mayor turns to William and we see a look of fear on his face. William asks the date and when the mayor says March 12th, William drops his glass. A young bus boy comes right up to clean it apologizing to William. William runs out the back door.

He is hurrying to his car and looks back in fear. He opens the door and sits, starts the engine and drives away. He starts to relax until we see the woman in the back seat. He yells and swerves the car. She says something along the lines of “It’s nice to see you too William. It all ends tonight.”


William is a nerdy teen working on his father’s farm. We see a montage of the day. He is beat from working, as he is small and weak. He sees other kids his age driving around having fun. A car drives by and the jock driver makes fun of William. One of the girls in the car, Kim, sticks up for him. She smiles at him but the car drives away.

Later that night William is unable to sleep. He curses the others and his crappy life. A light comes into the window, as he investigates he sees it is coming from the barn. He enters the barn to find the woman in the red dress. She says she has watched him suffer. She can give him a better life, in exchange for his soul. He will get 25 years of happiness. But at midnight 25 years later, he becomes hers.

We see a calendar and fade back into the present day to find it is his last day. The woman asks him if he enjoyed the life she gave him and he says yes. She taunts him about his remaining hours and disappears. He stops the car and has a break down. HE heads home to his beautiful house. It is empty. He has no family.

He opens a scrapbook and looks at pictures of the things he has done, his possessions, and the women he has slept with. A photo of Kim slides out and he looks at it longingly. He has had an nice life but realizes that there was nothing to be truly happy about.

He jumps up and out of the house. He gets to Kim’s place and she is cold towards him. She was always nice to him even before he suddenly became successful and turned into a jerk. He begs her for a chance to pay her back for all her kindness and holds out his hand. She places hers in it and he takes her off.

They do all sorts of things with the day. All sorts of fun romantic shit I can’t be bothered to thing of. Later that night she looks up at him like she wants to be kissed. He says he is sorry but he can’t. He tells her that he has to go away soon and her doesn’t want to hurt her.

She runs off feeling embarrassed and used. The clock nears midnight. When it hits the woman in red appears. She says it is time, but there is a way to get out of it. She saw William that day and the sacrifice he made to not kiss Kim. She says if he runs off and never sees Kim again, that she will give up his soul, that William will be free. William jumps into his car racing away.

We cut to Kim’s house as she is just getting home. She throws her stuff down angrily but then the doorbell rings. She opens it and William grabs her and they kiss. It is a long passionate kiss and we zoom in on her eyes. When we pull away he is gone. She looks around confused.

Cut to William being locked away by the woman in red. There are screams from other cells around him as souls are tortured. She shuts the door looking very upset and storms off. THe camera turns to him as he settles down for eternity, but with a huge smile on his face.

The end.


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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Our endings this week are eerily similar. Excellent work! Eat your heart out Elizabeth Hurley and Brendan Fraser

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