Fake Movie Friday – Good Cop, Dad Cop

It’s been a very long time since I’ve writted a Fake Movie because I’ve been incredibly busy, but I promise to get these out more regularly.


Good Cop, Dad Cop

Jake Hart is a newly minted detective in the NYPD.  He’s brought down some of the largest gangs in New York while working on the task force.  He’s good at what he does, and he does it by the book.  Police chief Raines likes him so much that he tells him as good as he is on the gang task force, he’d like to see him where he could more, and that’s on the drug enforcement force.  Jake is very hesitant to take the position.  He thinks he’s better served where he is, but then the chief tells him there hasn’t been a cop on the force assigned to drugs this young ever, except for FLINT HARTMAN 20 years ago.  (the screen jump cuts to Flint Harman, chomping on a cigar, blowing away bad guys left and right before ever getting any information from them, whilst laughing).  The chief says, “you should hope to be half the man Flint Hartman is.” Jake says, “I don’t have to, because I am.”

TITLE CARD: GOOD COP, DAD COP and the movie starts.

Apparently no one on the force had any idea that Jake and Flint were father and son, because despite the resemblance, Jake changed his last name (yes these are detectives but whatever).  So Chief Raines after finding out they are related decides to make them partners.  Neither is happy about this because they both work alone, but then Flint comes around and realizes it’ll be a chance for him to spend some time with his son.  We don’t know a lot about their backstory, but it’s clearly strained.  Jake grew up with his mother and his stepfather and Flint was never around because he was too busy being a hero etc etc.  Anyway they get a case where they both have to go undercover within the Dueces gang, and find out who is supplying  all of the drugs or whatever.  This new drug, U, is showing up in toxicology reports everywhere.

About a month after going undercover, in true Flint fashion, he breaks his cover and goes haywire, shooting up bad guys, and then brings in Jake for question, but not before beating the shit out of him.  He winks at Jake, and brings him to the station.  Jake flips out on his dad when they get there, and Flint says that the only way they’d buy Jakes cover is if he blew his own.  Jake doesn’t see it that way and says that mom was right about him, he lost his way years ago and now he’s just some tired old hack cop.  The chief tells Jake he’s way outta line or something, and Flint says he isn’t.  He wasn’t there for Jake, but he always thought if he could be the best cop he knew how, somewhere down the line Jake would appreciate that.  Jake says he didnt.  He leaves the station broken and heads back to the Deuce’s hide out.  He tells them that that scumbag cop was dirty and all he had to do was cut him in on their next deal and he’d let bygones be bygones.  The 2nd in command of the gang Flacko doesn’t trust Jake, but the leader Pencil does, so they decide to have Jake broker the entire deal, and just to be on the safe side, Flacko wants Jake to try the U, so he knows he’s down for the cause.  Jake having always been a good cop, doesn’t want to take the drugs cause it’ll compromise his ability to do his job, but this time his cover is on the line, and right as he’s about snort the U, Flint comes flying through the window firing two guns at the same time.  He makes a corny joke about no son of his is going to do drugs and they go back to back shooting everyone.  Pencil runs away, and they chase him.  Flacko catches up to them and he and Flint have a knockdown dragout fight while Jake chases Pencil, who’s running away with the drugs.  Jake catches him and tells him to freeze.  Pencil turns around and says some stuff about how he treated Jake like a son.  He was never going to let Flacko take over. Jake was smarter than that.  Always thinking big picture etc etc.  He says something along the lines of don’t turn your back on your father, and Jake says I wont, before shooting Pencil in the head.  He falls off the building and the drugs with him, but not before Flint jumps through another window, catches the drugs and falls onto a van.

The next scene is Jake helping Flint up and walking him back to the station.  He makes jokes about his dad being a little too old for this, and Flint fires back the exact opposite joke about Jake being a little too young.  Then they walk back into the station and everyone stands and cheers for them and Raines says “like father, like son” and Flint corrects him and says “like son, like father” (which makes no sense at all).  Raines debriefs them and tells Jake that it’s great work, but the drug beat in NY is always gonna be like that.  If he wants out now is the time. Jake says no, and Flint says “that’s my boy” and everyone starts laughing.


Movie Over.

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