Fake Movie Friday: HackBus: Air Force One 2

Alright, Alex and I are currently on the bus to Boston for PAX East. While waiting in line for the ride this morning we started stumbled upon an idea for a movie that we decided had to be written. With that, I give you:

HackBus: Air Force One 2

The movie opens with the end of Air Force One. We see Harrison Ford, as president James Marshall, kicking Gary Oldman out of the plane. The public loved James and wants him to be president forever, but he decided to step down after his first term and not run again. There are news programs and papers that are shown in vignettes that tell the history of the world since then. Much of Eastern Europe has formed under the monicker of nUSSR, the US’s economy keeps getting worse, pollution has gotten so bad that air travel is no longer available and Smart Busses have taken over as a clean and fuel efficient way to travel, and people are once again calling for James Marshall to take up a non-consecutive second term in office. They say he’s the only one who can bring the economy back and the nUSSR wants to sign a peace treaty but not with the current president. James runs and wins by a landslide.

James is right at home in the Oval Office and gets right to work, starting by talking to the nUSSR leaders and get the peace process underway. He’s told that there are some militant groups that don’t want the peace to happen and will stop at nothing to make sure it never happens. James tells the leaders he isn’t afraid and is ready to do what must be done.

There’s a whole big ceremony with him getting on the bus, which is made from parts of the now defunct Air Force One. James has a sentimental moment with the bus, starting to tell people about the times he had, but cuts himself off to just boards the bus instead. All of the people around nod to him.

There is a whole explanation of the Smart Bus, how there is no driver the whole thing is wirelessly being controlled, it doesn’t burn fuel, it’s 100% electric and charges by solar panels, etc.

There are scenes of the terrorist group preparing to stop the bus. They have a whole plan, what streets they need to be on, where lookouts will be, gas station attendants on their side, it’s overwhelming. The leader of the group always has his back to the camera for now.

The bus trip starts off normally enough but soon it’s very obvious that people are trying to divert the bus, or stop it all together. They laugh off all of the obstacles though and James has a big smile on his face like, “Oh man we’re not going to have a repeat of last time.” Shortly after the bus starts acting weird, going off course. On the monitors in the bus there is the leader of the terrorists, back to the camera still, asking the President if he thinks he is still in control. They have a conversation and eventually the leader turns around. It’s Gary Oldman, who then explains that he is the twin brother of the man he kicked off of Air Force One years ago, he has taken over control of the bus and he’s not going to allow the peace treaty to happen.

Some dumb stuff happens, there is a manual override of control complete with steering wheel and pedals and all, which the president uses to start steering the bus but the pedals don’t work. They’re driving at intense speeds, the president is able to steer the bus to a circular location… not unlike an airport… so that they can just keep driving without too much fear…much like the end of Speed.

They’ve been trying to triangulate where the hack is coming from but have had no luck, they can’t get a lock. It turns out he’s in a bus as well, staying away from detection. The president is the one who figures all this out. We cut to Gary Oldman on the bus, watching some fake internet graphs that are supposed to relate what he’s doing to some metrics, connection intensity, lag, etc. All of the sudden the presidents bus, Bus Force One, slams into Oldman’s. Oldman tries to stop but it turns out the government has hacked into his bus as well and taken over everything except steering. There is a frag race type thing where the two buses have to jump over some train tracks, which results in Oldman’s bus being destroyed, but not before he jumps out and onto Bus Force One. Oldman and the president have a fist fight, and as the bus goes over a bridge James says “Get off of my bus” and kicks Oldman out of the bus, off the bridge and screaming to his certain death.

The president makes it to the peace treaty signing, there is joy all around the world, people call for him to be president for life again but he declines again. One of his cabinet members asks the president where to next. The president aptly responds with, “Don’t worry about it, this time I’ll walk.” Everyone laughs. CREDITS.

THE END ……. ?

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