Fake Movie Friday: Shovel

I got home a few hours ago and said “Oh I should write my Fake Movie Friday.” 3 hours later I’m starting it. Idiot… Also this movie is bad. I’m off my game.


Quick cuts as a group of bikers tears into town. They smash into a bank and rob it. They do it violently, shooting a guard. They mean business and are not to be fucked with. Tear right out of town.

Cut to FBI at the scene talking about the crew. They’ve been hitting banks across the country and they think they are heading towards Colorado. Behind them on the TV there is a weather report talking about a blizzard heading that way too as we zoom in to a small town on the map.

Cut to the town as our main character Doug shovels snow. Old Lady opens her door and thanks him for the help saying he’s such a sweet man. He heads across the street to his house. He puts the shovel next to the door and we see pictures on a table of him in the army, also of a woman and child. He picks up the phone and calls the boy in the photo. His son lives in California with his mother but is suppose to be coming to spend the week with his dad. His flight gets in the next morning.

Doug’s ex gets on the phone and gives him all kinds of crap about the weather and how dangerous it might be. Doug is insistent on him coming and she gets angry. They hang up and he turns on the TV, more news of the storm. Cut to the biker gang heading into town. They arrive at a large house and take it over, tying up a family as they plan for their next heist tomorrow.

Doug picks up his son who gets into town ahead of the storm. Doug promises fun as they get home. The phone is ringing as they walk in and Doug picks it up. He tells his son that he has to go shovel out the store he works at. The owner is old and knows Doug took his vacation but needs the help. He promises he will be back soon and grabs the shovel on his way out.

He gets to town and starts shoveling. The store is across the street from the bank and the bikers show up and hit the bank. Doug follows them in and attacks with the shovel. He takes out two of them. The others run off. The two are taken to the prison and the FBI is contacted and says they will be coming soon to pick them up, but they might be held up by the storm. The cops thank Doug and he heads home.

Back at the house they broke into the bikers are pissed. They squabble about leaving town and ditching the two. Their leader shuts them up and says they won’t be leaving them behind. The feds won’t be able to get into town and they have time. They hit the police station and get their guys. The leader beats a cop to get him to tell him where Doug lives. They want payback.

They head towards Doug’s. Doug hears them coming and tells his son to hide. He grabs the shovel and runs out. Huge fight as he takes out all of them but the leader. A shot rings outs and he hears his son scream. The leader is holding a gun to the kid’s head. Doug throws down his shovel. His son stomps the leaders foot and runs off as Doug lunges at him. Crazy fight in the snow until Doug takes him out with the shovel as the FBI pulls up to find the gang laying in the yard passed out. They thank Doug and he heads in to spend time with his son.

The End