Fake Movie Friday: His Secrets

I got home at 5 today. It is a glorious day. I haven’t really had a chance to enjoy the weather. Thus I’m on the couch with pajama pants on writing this piece of trash. Ok, 2+ hours later and I’m finally writing this after starting the intro.

His Secrets

Movie starts off with two women having brunch (peter movie plot twist!). Our main character, Eve, talks with her friends about her relationship problems. Sue, her friend, laughs off Eve’s self-deprecating jokes. Sue tells her to keep her chin up because her luck will soon change.

Eve leaves and heads home. At home she checks her email to and logs into a dating sight. She has some messages from crazies and decides to actually meet one guy. The date goes awful and she storms off giving up.

She is just leaving the bar and screams in the street in frustration. She runs off and bumps into a handsome man named Jack. He is charming and such and they walk together. They go into another bar and have a good time. She wakes up in his apartment but he is not there. A note is left saying he had to run but she should make herself at home.

Later that day she is telling Sue about it. Sue remarks that Eve looks like a different woman. Eve says she can’t wait to see him again. The next day at work a bouquet of flowers arrive at her work. She looks around as everyone is shocked that she was getting them. The note says to come back to his apartment that night. She gets all pretty like and heads there. He lets her in and they have a good meal. She heads to the bathroom and walks past a creepy looking door. He catches her staring at it and tells her to ignore it.

They have a good night again but he is weird about meeting Sue and her other friends. He says he will try. He is gone again in the morning. That night she plans to meet up with Sue and some people and they are waiting around for Jack. He never shows up and doesn’t call or anything. Sue says some harsh things about him and Eve flips out. She storms off and heads to his place. She finds all sorts of weird shit as she searches it with him nowhere to be found. There are bloody knives, rubber gloves, and other things that point to him being a killer.

She decides to tail him one day. Following him is difficult as he vanishes mysteriously every block. He comes out of doors and from directions he shouldn’t be able to. The sun goes down and she follows him into a weird BDSM club. She is afraid and heads out back. She is attacked by a group of men and cowers to the ground. She hears a ruckus and looks up seeing all the men on the ground dead. Above her stands Jack.

She awakes in his apartment and he stand above her. She questions him and he tells her to stop. She should just stop asking and just be happy. A knock at the door seems to unnerve Jack. Another knock and Sue’s voice saying it is her. Eve turns to find Jack gone. She lets Sue in and looks confused. Sue questions Eve about what has been going on. Eve starts to try and explain what is going on with Jack. Sue walks over to the strange door asking about a smell. She opens it and screams. Jacks dead body is in there, cut up and tortured. Sue turns to try and question Eve. Eve is freaking out. We see flashes of her drunk and being picked up by Jack. He takes her home as she is practically passed out. She comes to and kills him. We see her doing a bunch of things that she thought was with him but alone. She kills all the men in the alley herself. Sue tries to run and Eve grabs her and kills her.

Cut to black but we fade back in to Eve lying on a beach being brought three drinks. The waiter looks confuses and as he walks away we see her laugh, handing one to Sue and the other to Jack.

The end.