Fake Movie Friday: Little Sister

I attempted to write about the Panda naming thing I mentioned last night during the live podcast, but nothing strong came out of the thought process. So here’s what I originally thought about writing based on a dream I had early this week.

Little Sister

We open up on a teenage boy named Tyler lying in bed, played by Max Thieriot, reading a letter. We see it’s from a girl dumping him. His mother knocks on the door and says he can’t lie around forever moping. He goes with his mother and father to a church yard sale.

He walks around lazily and notices his ex Julie, played by Saorsie Ronan. He ducks into a sale tent to hide, but she spotted him and followed in. They talk a bit but he is hesitant. There’s a bunch of creepy old stuff and she is drawn to a small jewelry box. She walks away tired that he isn’t responding. Tyler buys the jewelry case from the old woman and heads to find his family.

Later at home he sites writing a letter planning on giving the jewelry box to Julie and falls asleep at his desk as the little girl ballerina dances in the case. The camera pans out into the hallway. We see his mother fixing a necklace around her neck looking into a mirror. Behind her we see a family portrait of the three of them.

That morning, Tyler wakes lazily at his desk. He gets the sense that something is watching him. He yells afraid when he hears a roar behind him as a little girl jumps on his back. He yells for him mom, and she yells at the two of them to come downstairs for breakfast. As they make their way we see the portrait on the wall now has a little girl painted into it with the family.

Later that day at school Tyler tries to talk to Julie. They chat and Julie asks about his sister, Kris, before falling down the stairs. She is out cold and is taken to the hospital. While walking Kris home from school he seems worried, and she is a bit creepy when he tries to take her to the hospital to see Julie. Tyler speaks with Julie who gets confused when Tyler mentions Kris waiting outside. Julie looks confused and tells him, he doesn’t have a little sister. When Tyler brings Kris into the room, Julie freaks out and the nurses tell Tyler and Kris to leave.

Tyler gets scared of his little sister. He finds her in his room with the jewelry box mumbling in a strange language. She plays it off like a kids game and runs out. Later Tyler and his father are driving somewhere and Tyler asks him about Kris. The two realize they have trouble recalling her birth, and look at each other before Tyler notices something in the road that looks like Kris. His dad swerves and the car flips off the road.

Tyler wakes up in a hospital and is told by his mother that his father is dead. He see’s Kris at the door and that weird face flip thing movies do happens and we see she is a demon. He tries to calm down and kindly asks him mom to take Kris away. He finds Julie and the hospital and apologizes and says he knows that Kris isn’t really his sister. That she has to help him stop whatever she is. The two head back to his house and sneak into his room. They share a cute moment over t he jewelry box that he bought for her, but he thinks it is what started this. He smashes it and the two of them kiss, Julie picks up the little ballerina girl from the box. They walk out of his room and he says he just wants to check on his mother. He walks into her room and she is in bed. Back out in the hallway Julie looks up and sees Kris is still in the portrait. She turns and is attacked by Kris.

In the room Tyler finds is mother in bed wasting away. The necklace around her neck glows and seems to be sucking the life out of her. Kris is at the door; hand tight around Julie’s neck. She says the necklace is sapping the life from her mother; it’s how she came into being and she is almost whole. Julie stabs Kris in the eye with the ballerina and squirms away. Tyler grabs the necklace from his mother and smashes it against the knight stand. Kris’ pure demon form is revealed and the two fight. Tyler throws Kris out the window and she lands on the iron fence outside, impaled.

Tyler shoots straight up in bed and runs into the hallway. The portrait is now just the three of them. He goes downstairs and finds his mother and father making breakfast. A car horn beeps outside and it’s Julie picking him up for school. He gets into the car and they kiss. They drive off happy.

Back in the kitchen his mother brings his dad breakfast. On the plate is only a positive pregnancy test. They embrace and the camera zooms in to his mother’s neck where we see a tiny sliver of the necklace’s gem imbedded in her neck.

The End.

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