Fake Movie Friday: Olympi-Brad

In honor of the Olympics here’s a Like Mike-esque film that stinks of crap and gold medals.


The film opens with a scrolling shot of a high school trophy case. There are hundreds of trophies when we get to the left over space at the end we see our main character reflected in the glass before he is pushed down by some jocks. He’s standard movie young nerd, meaning pretty attractive but with unattractive friends.

Later in class Brad stares at the hot girl Christina as she gives a speech about the upcoming Regional Junior Olympic Games. She is clearly stupid but Brad doesn’t care. Brad goes to talk to Christina outside but trips. A nerdy girl picks him up. It’s his best friend Kim who invites him over after school.

Brad talks about his problems and we get a sense that Kim likes him, but he ignores her and concentrates on impressing Christina at the JOGs (see what I did there?) next week. Kim’s basement has computers and science stuff and somehow, this is the least important part, Kim makes a serum to give him powers that she downloaded athlete’s info.

Brad goes and tries out at the JOG trials. Everyone laughs at first when he shows up but he kills it in every event. People cheer and he becomes cool at school. He is invited to parties and at first brings Kim along. Kim lectures him at one party when he starts to show off too much. She says he isn’t training enough. That she just gave him the ability but he still needs to work out. Brad yells at her about how it’s all him and she is nothing. He brushes her off and throws a discus through a car window as everyone cheers. Kim runs off right as he kisses Christina.

Opening day of the games and everyone is excited for Brad. He wins the first few events. Later during the pole vaulting he breaks his leg. Everyone is disappointed and later in the hospital no one visits him. He goes to Kim’s to apologize. He makes a grand speech about not being fair to her that she was always there for him, that he realizes he loves her. AWWW They kiss and she helps him with his rehab on his leg.

Ugh, this was awful. I apologize and vow to do better next week.


2 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday: Olympi-Brad

  1. Dunn says:

    I love that you could substitute just about anything for the serum and it’s most movies: magic shoes, lycanthropy…

  2. johnnytigs says:

    For some reason the whole no one going to visit him in the hospital part made me so sad…. also I like the idea of downloading athletes info to make a serum

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