Fake Movie Friday: Overstayers

Ah, a nice, tall glass of Fake Movie Friday to end the week the right way. We’ve all been waiting for this day, gleefully and patiently as we ought to. There’s no need to rush things, we’ll be here for a while. This weeks title, another one of Colm gems, is more or less going to be Wedding Crashers. Except I don’t remember most of that movie. Rachel McAdams, right? Did anything else happen? Didn’t think so. Anyway, without further Apu:




Ken, a thirty something, has been spending some time with his relatives in the East Hampton’s. He’s seen playing with the kids, swimming in their big pool, going to beaches, ordering stuff all on their tab. It’s been a crazy reunion weekend from a cousin that the family didn’t even know they had.


There is a big farewell, the family is very sad to see Ken go, but he has to as he has to get back to work in LA where he works on movies. The kids are all crying asking him to stay but Ken says he’ll come back and see them soon. Ken leaves and goes to the train, when he gets to the train he throws out the identification that labels him as Ken, because his name is actually Jim. He gets back to a small studio apartment in Brooklyn with nothing on the walls. Jim is most obviously a con artist. He heads back out into the world with a new fake ID that says his name is Ryan and looks for his next mark, which he finds in a man named Mark who is out looking for a gift for his girlfriend.


Jim goes and starts up a conversation with him, and starts to put together his backstory which fits very closely with Mark’s. Mark doesn’t seem to think anything is crazy so eventually Jim, as Ryan, convinces Mark that he is his cousin from his mothers side. Mark is elated and asks Ryan to help him out in picking out a gift. They go all over the place, stop for lunch, which Mark picks up, and finally get to a very nice jewelry store where Mark no longer has any cash for the gift, so Jim/Ryan picks it up for him. Mark is eternally grateful and they head out and go back to Mark’s apartment.


His apartment is enormous and Jim can hardly believe it, he feels like he just hit the jackpot. There are expensive paintings and scolptures all over the place, as well as old sports memoribelia. Mark notices Jim checking out everything and says that if he’d rather take his pick of anything he wants. So he does and is happy with the rare autographed Babe Ruth baseball, worth way more.

Anyway, Mark goes out to his dinner while Jim stays at his apt. Turns out it wasn’t Marks apt a t all, Mark was a con man and Jim goes to jail. Yeah. I’m tired. No crazy twist this week. And typing this out on my phone really sucks.

The end

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