Fake Movie Friday: Permanent Press

I’m in Massachusetts at my Dad’s visiting because my sister is around. I’ve been thinking of a premise since last night and nothing was coming. I just had a let a dryer repairman in so let’s run with that and make it cursed or something.

Permanent Press

A child plays around with cars on in a basement. He keeps hearing noises and looks scared. LOUD NOISE JUMP SCARE! It’s just a cat, lol jk. His mom calls him upstairs and he runs up.

His mom, Jessica Chastain, is busying running around getting things ready. She is wearing a pants suit, movie code for workingwoman. She yells DAVE! We cut to a man sleeping still, played by Matthew Fox, and he slowly gets as she yells again. He walks into the other room and picks up his kid. They do that thing movies do showing he’s a great father while he’s not the most responsible husband.

She reminds him to stay in the house because someone was coming to fix the dryer around 10. He says he was planning on writing and he’ll be around. She reminds him again so we think she’s a bitch, even though she’s completely in the right. She hurries out the door with the kid in tow to drop him off at school.

Dave sits at his typewriter not doing anything. He gets annoyed and walks out of the house. He goes to a corner store and buys an ice cream bar. On his way home he sees the dryer guy pulling away. He chases after him but can’t catch him. He runs in the house and gets a phone book. He starts calling repairman after repairman trying to get someone to come today but no one has an opening. He slams the phone down and gives up.

The phone rings and it’s a blocked number. A strange voice saying they have an opening and will be right there. He thinks nothing of it and the doorbell rings. He opens the door and the repairman is there already. Brad Dourif walks and creeps the place up to 11. He fixes the dryer and leaves.

Later on that night Dave lays in bed with his wife and she thanks him for getting it done. She apologizes for being so stressed and they start sexy time. A loud noise from downstairs stops them. Dave goes downstairs to investigate but finds nothing. He returns to the room and tells his wife it was nothing but she screams as she sees a mouse run behind him. He turns but another runs by. He looks around the corner and coming up from the basement are dozens of mice and hundreds of roaches fleeing the basement. He goes to kill some of them, but they run straight for the door and away from the house.

The next day Dave is at his typewriter and hears banging from the basement. His son screams and he runs to the basement. His son cowers in the corner pointing at the dryer where the noise is coming from. Dave opens the door and the cat flops out, dead.

Other weird stuff happens like the ceiling above the dryer looking burnt. The kid starts acting real weird. The fridge and ACs break. The shower scalds the wife. The house gets so hot. He sends his wife and kid to her parents place. Dave calls all the repair places to find out who actually came, but everywhere he called says they weren’t the ones to call back. He hangs up the phone and it rings. It’s Dourif who starts yelling at him. Dave goes into the basement and starts smashing the dryer with a bat. He screams as it dents and smashes and he throws the bat and falls to the ground. When he turns the DRYER IS BACK TO NORMAL! He coats the basement in gasoline and lights it on fire. He runs out into the street and watches it burn before being pulled away by police.

Firefighters are cleaning up the debris and find the dryer intact and spotless. A van pulls up and loads it up. The van pulls away and we see on the side it says “ORPHANAGE”


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    You sister is there and you didn’t invite me?? I see how it is…

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