Fake Movie Friday: Polly & Max 2: No Time Like The Past

So I’ll assume the first Polly & Max made way more money than it should, so here is the sequel.

The sequel opens up a few months after the events of the original.  Polly & Max are both getting ready to go to college and Virgil tells them to keep their power usage to a minimum.   They say ok, looking at each other and it’s obvious that they plan on using their powers.  Anyway as they meet their roommates and go to class, we see them using their powers back and forth.  Next we cut to a village close to that volcano from the end of the first movie. A badly injured SlechteMal in being cared for by a foreign family, when all of a sudden his eyes light up and he levitates.  He starts laughing.  Apparently whenever Polly and Max use their powers now, he grows stronger.  He kills the family and escapes.

Polly & Max have grown into excellent Timekeepers.  They’ve stomped out any and all threats of time distortion from wizards, witches and other stuff.  You could almost say they’ve grown cocky.  Virgil attempts to warn them, that their powers are not what make them Timekeepers, but their humanity or something lame.  Polly & Max tell him he worries too much and they will be ok.  Right as they say that, they both get headaches, and an accompanying vision from SlechteMal.  He tells them both he’s coming back and now he’s even stronger.  Virgil knows exactly what is happening at this point.  SlechteMal, Polly and Max’ powers are now all interconnected.  If Polly or Max use their powers, it makes SlechteMal stronger and vice versa.  However that much time distortion energy in one place can tear apart the world.

Virgil tells them the only way to stop Slechte is to go back to the past and learn how the older Timekeepers fought.  Without powers.  As SlechteMal closes in on them, stronger than before, they engage in a quick fight that ends up killing Virgil.   Max almost loses his cool and tries to use his powers on Slechte, but Polly calms him down and tells him about what Virgil said.  She ends up supercharging his powers and takes him back to the 1970.  Here they meet a younger Virgil and their respective parents, who are around their age.  They spend the bulk of this movie in the past learning who Erik Von SlechteMal is and was.  Turns out he used to work with the young Timekeepers and was great at his job until his girlfriend was killed.  He tries to reverse time to save her, but Polly and Max’ parents tell him that a Timekeeper can never change time for personal gain.  This upsets him and he grows darker over time until he leaves.  Right around the time Polly and Max time jump is when SlechteMal comes back.  Young Virgil tells them that most Timekeepers think using their powers is the only way to stop SlechteMal, however, not using your powers is the true way. The more Slechte attacks the more of his energy he’ll use until there is nothing left.

After they get more info on SlechteMal’s background and tips from their parents, they jump back to the present.  Slechte has been enslaving people left and right and when Polly and Max come back to confront him, he starts attacking them shooting time energy? (sure why not) at them while they evade.  He asks them why they don’t attack him back, hoping to feed off their energy.  They say they don’t have to.  This makes him angrier, and while he has them pinned back behind a car, Polly shows a picture of Erik’s girlfriend that Max swiped while they were in the past.  She asks if Danielle would appreciate the man he’s become.  A man bent on death and destruction.  SlechteMal says they don’t understand,  no one understands.  It’s clear he’s just a crazy guy now.  Max says all that time energy is rotting his brain and the only thing left to do is give up.  Slechte refuses to quit and in one last show of force fires a giant time energy bolt at both of them.  It looks like he hit them, but seconds later we see that they got away.  They head over to Slechte who begs them use their powers, so he can regain strength, but they tell him absolutely not.  They decide to send him back in time to meet his younger self in hopes that he can learn from his mistakes.  They send him back in time.  If he’s in a different time, their powers wont strengthen his.

Polly and Max decide to have a proper funeral for Virgil and vow to become the Timekeepers Virgil’s always known they can be.

Movie Over.

You know theres gonna be another one right?

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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Excellent dark middle chapter in the Polly and Max saga!

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