Fake Movie Friday: Crash Course

So I’m writing this a night early so I don’t miss tomorrow again. At Terror Thursday at Tig’s and got this title. Here we go!

Crash Course

Movie opens up on a high school. A group of rich kids drive their fancy cars into the lot and look cool. RECORD SCRATCH we cut to a crappy looking driving instructors car. Inside Tom is dropping of his kids Chris and Kelly. They are ashamed of him and the fact that he drives them to school. He doesn’t think they are ready for the responsibility and it is too dangerous.

He heads to work and no one respects him. Montage of shitty drivers and people pissed at him for failing them. He returns home and finds a man in his kitchen. It’s an old secret service buddy. That’s right Tom was in the secret service. His friend tries to recruit him for a high profile client needing a good driver. Tom declines and says he doesn’t do that anymore. His friend leaves.

The next day he brings his kids to the hospital to visit their mother. A heartwarming scene later we cut away to Tom’s friend driving the yet to be named high profile client. They are attacked and the client is kidnapped. This happens near Tom and hi family and his kids are taken for extra hostages.

Tom talks to his friend before he dies and goes after the bad guys. He tracks down one of the cars that took off and stops it with some awesome driving. The car only holds the client. He says his name is Cho and he is a Chinese scientist. He tries to explain why he was kidnapped but Tom doesn’t care. He just wants his kids back.

Tom takes a phone from one of the bad guys and calls the previous number. He talks to the head bad guy and tries to make an exchange for his kids. They set it up and he heads there. Cho tries to explain to that things will not be good for anyone if he is handed over. Tom is conflicted but tells Cho to shut up.

They get to the exchange and his kids see him and are confused as their dad looks bad ass. As they switch hostages, he yells for his kids to run to the car and takes Cho as well. He shoots at the bad dudes. They escape.

In the car Cho says thanks but Tom tells him to shut up and checks on his kid. They are still shocked. Awesome car chase later, he kills all the bad guys and saves his kids. Other Secret service people come and take away Cho. They go to explain what the deal with Cho was and Tom just says “I don’t care. I have my kids.” He gets back into the driver’s ED car. He turns and starts teaching his kids how to drive.

The End.


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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Best movie based on the title of a free Dorito’s video game ever

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