Fake Movie Friday: Presence

Alright this week is crazy with work so let’s just see what comes off the top of my head for the most part. I’m listening to the song ‘Presence’ by The Men on repeat. All characters and events appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or any actual events is purely coincidental.


We open on a couple, spending a lot of time together. Let’s just call them Sara and John. Anyway, we see the two of them together doing couply things for a while. We watch them grow together for 3 and a half years when, though they never move in with each other (even though Sara mentions it a few times). John is a loser and has a shit job. He finds out that a promotion he had been expecting for a year is not going to happen and decides to quit and look for something better which he is able to find.

Finally feeling more financially stable in his life John starts thinking a lot about moving in with Sara. At this point Sara has grown increasingly frustrated with their relationship and doesn’t want to keep going on. She tells John this one Friday night, and he doesn’t take it super well. Beng the loser he is he walks to the nearest video game store and picks up a new game and locks himself in his room for the next week before he starts his new job.

He starts hanging out with his friends who he hasn’t seen in a while and they are incredibly welcoming to him. They pick up like nothing has changed and John is incredibly happy to not feel completely alone. They decide to start up a new website and podcast and they all have a great time with it.

The new job is going well but it’s pretty tough, long hours and a lot of work. While out at a bar one night with co-workers he sees a girl who looks exactly like Sara, played by the same actress. John goes over to her but she’s not interested. He sees her again the next day going into an apartment building. He follows her to where she works and decides to quit his job and try to get hired there (luckily there is a programming position open for him there). He gets the job and moves to be closer to her as well.

He tries to talk to her at work but she still has no interest in talking to John. But he is obsessed, he can’t sleep, eats a lot though, and smokes far too much to keep any one sane.

He cannot concentrate at his new job and expels all his energy trying to get her to notice him. John eventually loses this job. He starts looking for jobs out-of-state but he never gets a call back from any of them. He decides to move again, finds a person on some movie off brand Craigslist equivalent and moves in with the person. While his roommate goes out John stays in most nights going to the movies by himself and playing games.

John has a random encounter with a girl he used to know and they become very close after a very short time. John tries to reclaim the feeling of a long-term relationship after only a few weeks. The girl feels suffocated and breaks up with John.

He isn’t as broken up about this though and instead finds a greater sense of self-esteem from this. John goes out more and is hanging out with his friends more. He goes to the movies with his friends, they all sit in a row together, the lights come down as the movie begins and we fade to black.


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