Hi Guys it’s Alex! Yeah I know I’m the jerk. I decided to join the fold this week with my first fake movie Friday so be nice. My movie is “Shattered.” This will come to us by the guy that did The Forgotten, remember the movie with Julianne Moore than had really annoying twists? Well I’d like to present to you another faux intellectual thriller from him that will have you equally frustrated at the people you know that liked it and yourself for sitting thru

Directed by Joseph Ruben (director of The Forgotten)

Tagline: The Truth Will Leave You….

Austin (Milo Ventimiglia) is a young detective who just transferred back as hometown of Chicago. It’s the very near future and food and gas of becoming increasingly scarce causing an explosion in poverty and crime. Austin is plagued by nightmares twisted creatures in memory of a life that he feels like he’s led.he begins to work on two cases that seem to have more in common than the powers that be want him to believe one serious people all seemingly killed in grotesque animalistic ways at another missing persons reports of local scientists start piling up.



His investigation soon takes him and his partner Davis (Dominic West) to the headquarters of mega-corporation Gen-Core (their motto “Building the bridge to a new world”) where his childhood friend Nick (Ryan Phillippe) is the head scientist. Gen-Core was seemingly rocked by a major explosion a few weeks earlier. As Nick and Austin begin to reconnect over drinks while Austin tries to get information for his investigation Nick keeps acting suspicious and not wanting to talk to about his work and only the “good old days” and not anything recent. While out with him he also meets Jennifer (Jessica Beals) a woman he feels a connection to that works alongside Nick.



The deaths begin to rise as Austin and Davis have a run in with a giant wolflike creature outside of a major crime scene. It’s clear that there are secrets that run deeper than he thought. A note arrives on Austin’s desk for him to talk with his Senator father (played by Tim Robbins). Davis finds this first and goes to check it out but never makes it back. Austin becomes worried as Davis hasn’t returned he finds the note and confronts his father who tells him that he should forget about it stop looking. He becomes obsessed with finding the truth and gets another anonymous tip to turn to missing persons reports. He starts visiting the families who seem to recognize him, wives turn him away at the door and there appears to be fear when he goes by. He then gets a package with a missing report, one that looks just like him.



He sneaks in to Gen-Core building and as he gets deeper in he finds a cage with one of the animals that has been on a killing spree. He’s knocked out in Nick’s office and as he falls to the floor he sees a photo of him, Nick and Jennifer working as scientists at Gen-Core. Nick keeps him tied up and help captive the CEO of Gen-Core (played by Malcolm McDowell) and his father come in. They explain that Austin was the head scientist in charge of finding a gateway to another dimension to get new natural resources. The explosion and escape of the beasts are a result of his work going awry. To protect him they brainwashed him and have been killing off any of his coworkers they couldn’t trust to keep a secret. But he got too close to the truth. As they leave the room to decide on how to deal with him. Jennifer turns out to be the one sending Austin the warnings as they used to be in love. She frees him and he decides to detonate the facility once and for all to atone for his mistakes and tries to piece together his shattered life and our shattered reality.

So there you have it. It turns out the things are from another reality and he brought them here and had his mind erased. Its the kind of twist that you have on a dart board and the kind Hollywood loves so much.



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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Wow, Alex you finally wrote one! Not as weird as Ashley’s but good weird. Nothing wrong with another reality bleeding into our own. Also Gen-Core, awesome.

  2. Dunn says:

    Awesome, I like the Shyamalanesque twist (Pete don’t hit me!) Oh, I just remembered Gen-Core’s motto, great foreshadowing!

  3. russ says:

    GEN CORE! That’s from our Bike Adventure! You just better be careful that gen core doesn’t find out about this

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