Fake Movie Friday: Spring Breakers 2

So my computer battery died last weekend and I’ve been without all week. It hasn’t been fun. Writing this at work (don’t tell!). I apologize for this being my 2nd Fake Movie Saturday. I think this came from Russ’ sister.

Spring Breakers 2

Movie starts off with yet another montage of people partying in slow motion. There’s a voice over of a young man talking about his dreams. How he stood on a beach at sunrise, the sky on fire, the ocean boiling, and a girl sucking his dick.


We cut to a college campus as the same guy, Greg, walks into his friends dorm. Two of his friends are sitting around playing xbox while another is on the computer. He is looking up hotels in Florida. They realize they are short on cash and need to find a way to get to spring break.

The two who were playing xbox get up quietly and head out. They break into the home of an elderly woman and steal her stuff. They pawn most of it and sell some of her pills on the street and the 4 now have the money to go. Greg goes to a hospital to visit his grandmother and tell her about his trip. On the way out we see the old woman from the house being brought in on clearly beaten.

They get to spring break and the parties start. They get swept up with a group and start partying really hard. They hear stories of the crazy girl who runs the drugs for most of the area. How she came to spring break one year and was changed. The guys are interested in her and the idea of staying FOREVER. They track her down and it’s not who we think it is, it’s Selena Gomez’s character Faith!

They start running with her and Greg starts to get worried about the direction they are all headed. Faith confronts him telling her story. How she came here too and got scared like a bitch. How she ran but realized that there was no such thing as the real world and morality. There is only spring break.

Faith straps on and bangs the 3 friends as Greg watches terrified. He leaves to head home. Visits his grandmother and we learn the woman his friends attacked has died.

Back at SB the friends are living large. Faith tells them more of her story and admits she killed Rachel Korine’s character Cotty. Brit and Candy (Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens) have been looking to get her ever since. The 3 friends and Faith are partying at her home one night and we get a montage as she sings them ‘I Believe I can Fly’ at her outdoor piano.

That night we cut to a boat speeding in the water. It’s Brit and Candy in their pink hoods guns at the ready. They head on land and start shooting up Faith’s crew. They kill one of the remaining 3 guys. They kill Faith has she tries to explain herself to them, about the life they set up, how she broke and saw that Cotty was broken too and needed to be fixed. They kill her.

Outside they tell the remaining two friends to walk away and not look back. They set the house on fire but one of the friends looks back and flames reach out and blind him. He is left to burn by the remaining friend (this is the one who didn’t kill the old woman).

He leaves, by the way his nickname is Lott, thus he escaped Sodom and was saved for not turning back. THIS MOVIE MEANS SOMETHING