Fake Movie Friday Submissions: The Littlest Werewolf

Hurray! Lisa LoFaso has submitted her first Fake Movie Friday! Thanks Lisa! Keep ’em coming:
So I gave this premise to Tigs around Halloween but he said I had to write it and I never finished it. So now, here is my first attempt at a Fake Movie Friday. Hopefully it doesn’t suck too bad.
The Littlest Werewolf
The movie opens up on a seemingly normal town in the 1800s. It’s a town of settlers who moved out to California during the gold rush. It’s pretty modest but they’re very close-knit, and very secluded. There are a few scenes showing life in the town, and following one family in particular. It’s a dad and a little girl. The girl is super adorable and pretty spunky. They’re sitting down for dinner and talking about this big upcoming event. There are lots of allusions to the moon and stuff. They read a book by the fire after dinner and then as it gets dark they go outside. The rest of the town is assembling and everyone walks towards the woods. Right before they get to the trees, the last bit of sun goes down and the full moon rises. As they walk, each person in the town turns into a werewolf. They hang in the forest and are pretty sane for being werewolves, chatting and chasing bears for fun and stuff. Everyone’s acting normal except, you know, they’re werewolves.
Sun rises, everyone goes home to get ready for work. The dad leaves to go dig for gold in the mines, the girl goes to the small oneroom schoolhouse. She gets picked on a bunch because when she turns into a werewolf she doesn’t do anything scary, so she just kinda hangs by herself and reads. There’s a cute boy who’s kind of a jerk and doesn’t notice her. He’s off trying to impress the blond one and the girl just rolls her eyes and goes back to her book.
Everything seems to be going fine. The town is far from any other town so they don’t get bothered by anyone and they don’t hurt anyone else. All of a sudden though, they find a ton of gold in the mine. The town agrees that they’ll just elect people to go slowly sell it off to have enough money to grow the town without going crazy, but there’s one greedy dude who sneaks out one day and sends a message that there’s tons of gold. All of a sudden all of these people start pouring into the town and neighboring areas. The girl is excited to meet new people but her dad is super wary and won’t tell her why.Things are okay-ish until the next full moon. when the original townspeople have to now sneak out into the forest without letting the newcomers know their secret! The little girl doesn’t get why they have to sneak around, and she and her dad get into a huge fight. Instead of going off with the pack, the little girl sneaks off by herself.
 The original sneaky greedy werewolf has partnered up with the leader of the newcomers. He wants to keep more of the money to himself, so he sells the secret to the new folks for a greater share of the gold. The newcomers light torches and vow to kill all of the werewolves. The little girl overhears all of this and runs to warn the others. The angry mob finds her first  and captures her. The other werewolves come back to save her but it’s just about dawn and they start changing back to humans. In the scuffle her dad gets killed. The mob has weapons and stuff and rounds up all of the townspeople. The men are forced to work in the mines so the newbs can just chill and get fat. The girl finds out that people killed her mom back in the day for being a werewolf. She eventually makes friends with one of the human boys and convinces him to steal the key to the cell she’s kept in. She breaks out and at the next full moon, go nuts on all the people. They have guns and stuff but you know, she’s a werewolf. She’s finally able to be terrifying and dangerous like the rest of them and totally saves the day. All of the other werewolves are set free and their town is restored to order. She also saves the boy that helped her and when they grow up they run the town.
The end.

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  1. johnnytigs says:

    Haha, I love how everything wraps up so quickly, and you continually remind us they’re werewolves. Excellent job Lisa, I’m glad I finally got to read the story I’ve heard about for so long!

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