Fake Movie Friday: Fever Dream Monsters

So I think I did a similar movie two weeks or so ago (and plenty of times before that), but no one read it so whatever. Colm gave me the title:

Fever Dream Monsters

Rachel has just moved into a small, pastoral, midwestern town. Very few of the other towns folk like her, and she’s not incredibly likable anyway. She very standoffish and stands out even more because of her all black, goth appearance. She opened up a tattoo parlor there, Evil Ink, in hopes to freak out some citizens and attract others. Which it does. The small fan base she has are other outcasts from the town, and mostly younger than Rachel. She seems to attract the high school emo kids and those coming back from college.

The towns people believe her to be wicked and don’t like some of the sounds and sights coming from her store after-hours and hold a town meeting about it .The kids who go there also head to defend her. There is a huge witch hunt type scene that ends with the towns people being shamed for thinking so outrageously.

Rachel thanks the kids when they are hanging out and then also offers them a drug called “trev” which some of the kids take immediately.

There are some crazy scenes in very dark wooded areas, with a very weird fish eye lens type thing going on. All of the kids who took trev are in the scene and they are eventual tracked down by some crazy ass monster with green glowing eyes, standing 8 feet tall. All of the kids wake up from their trip before anything happens. They all also seem to become addicts afterwards and are constantly looking for more.

The drug starts making it way around, people saying it’s like nothing else they’ve ever experienced before. It runs rampant through the streets and some of the college kids start to bring some over to their campus’, but we don’t see any after effects from that (until after the credits!).

Anyway kids keep taking it and having nightmares, eventually one of the kids dies from this. And after that a whole rash of this starts happening. When people go to confront Rachel they see some shady people leaving her place and everyone gets scared.

Meanwhile more people have died, the dreams are getting crazier now and seem to be taking place no longer in this storage dream like world but in the actual town now. The kids get scared and go to confront Rachel, come hell or high water.  The peak into the shop and there are a bunch of people in robes having some weird ceremony. One of the people in robes pops up in front of them and scares them all, then takes them inside.

They tie down one of the kids and put him up as a sacrifice to Satan, because these people are revealed to be Satanists. The go through with the ritual and bring the beast demon into the real world. The beast immediately kills the Satanists and the kids run.

The beast tear asses through town and the townsfolk all rally together to defat it. It’s kind of like the beast from The Relic. Anyway, they trick it, trap it and burn it eventually and everyone is happy. The burn down Evil Ink as well and become a much crazier and more close knit community, but they shun all outsiders and as people try to come to the town they chase them all out. They start to question one another and the town starts to fight itself. Finally there is no one left and just a mess of carnage.


During the credits: we see kids at some college taking the drugs! The cycle continues!

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