Fake Movie Friday: The President Got Ran Over By A Reindeer

So I know I’m a bit late for an X-mas movie but I was given this title and by golly I will write it.

The President Got Ran Over By A Reindeer

We open up on a montage of clips from news reports about the new President. He is set up like cool Obama type, but he is white so this movie sells tickets. The clips start to mention his young daughter and Christmas coming up. We cut to the young girl and her dad. She is trying to get his attention about Santa, but he is busy with president stuff.

She screams and everyone listens, secret service men draw their weapons. He clears the room and sits her on his lap. She is concerned that Santa won’t be able to bring her presents. He laughs it off and says the secret service is trained to not attack Santa Claus.

Christmas Eve she is trying to sleep and hears a noise. She makes her way to the roof somehow and finds Santa’s Sleigh she gets excited and climbs in. The president follows her and as Santa takes off he she’s his daughter (Sue by the way) in the sleigh. He goes to chase them and gets run over. He’s not dead of course, but the secret service shoot at Santa.

Back at the North Pole, the elves swarm around the sleigh worried about Santa. He gets out and makes a joke about Americans and guns. Then one elf finds Sue. They are all shocked and gasp (even the reindeer). Mrs. Claus enters and take Sue away to get her food.

Cut to the White House as the joint chiefs are meeting about the injured president. They start talking about how Sue was captured and they need to attack the North Pole. We see an elite group of SEALs getting ready.

At the North Pole Sue is having a ton of fun with the reindeer and elves. Santa sees that the SEALs are coming, and makes a comment on how they are all lifers on the naughty list. A special group of warrior elves make ready. Santa gets Mrs. Claus to hide Sue away in the stables. Sue says she wants to help stop the SEALs.

The SEALs and the elves start fighting but no one dies, the elves are just cute and confusing the SEALs. Sue escapes. We see both her father, now healed and Santa both directing their forces in the same manner. Sue runs out into the snow and gets in between the two forces.

She gives an adorable speech and Mrs. Claus comes to get her. The president arrives and Santa and him shake hands.


The End