Fake Movie Friday: The Nexus

Uh oh, am I the first this week? Welp, after an overly caustic morning I’m going to try and write something super crazy in a short amount of time. I honestly have no energy right now but let’s try and make this work. Colm gave me the movie title of…

The Nexus

David is driving home from work on what can only be described, up until this point, as a normal Tuesday. Stuck at a red-light David checks his rear view mirror out of habit and notices himself driving the car behind him. Startled he keeps staring until the honking of horns breaks his concentration and he drives through the light. When David looks back, the doppelganger is gone.

He arrives home and speaks with his wife, tells her what he saw and she says he’s probably just overworked. They go about their normal day.

He goes to work the next day at the box factory, goes about his day and comes home without anything weird happening. He starts to believe that it all was a fluke as well, and maybe he’s just seeing things.

Out at dinner with friends they are all having a good time, one of the friends has to leave the table for a moment and upon returning tells everyone that he just saw someone who was the spitting image of David in the bathroom. David gets up and looks but cannot find anything. They all laugh about it, but David seems concerned.

At the box factory the next day David ask for his check but his boss tells him that it was already handed out to him earlier in the day. It all gets sorted out and it turns out that Davids check was given to another employee by mistake all everything is alright.

Walking his dog that night David sees his doppelganger again, but this time in a  different car. He chases after the car, but the driver doesn’t seem to notice anything, turn around, stop or the like. David tells his wife what happened and she says he really needs to relax and let it go.

David cannot let it go though and starts looking into cloning. He finds a scientist who seems to be a professional in the field.

When he goes and talks to the good doctor, the doctor assures him that cloning a human and having it grow up to his age already is impossible. Human cloning isn’t perfected and even so the years it would take to mature would mean the clone would be a much different age and probably different looking as well. But the doctors scientist friend tells David about string theory, and starts to mention how maybe there is a rip in time and space and how there is something called the Nexus that connects all of it together. Well apparently there is.

David tells his wife this, she says he’s crazy and that there is no way that could happen. They go about their days, but David is constantly reading up about theoretical physics and has enclosed himself in tinfoil because he thinks it will help. David2 comes into the house while David is in his foil room. David’s wife is downstairs and is startled. She knows David is upstairs and starts to freak out. She grabs a knife and goes upstairs. David is there and David2 shows up, along with Davids 3-9.

Alright well turns out that there has been a tear in the space-time continuum for only David, all of the Davids have converged into a single existence. They explain that David is supposed to be “The Chosen One” to save humanity from extinction but in David2-9’s universes they were too late. They jumped to this one and have been trying to get in contact with David without startling him too much. Anyway, they explain about a group of universe hopping aliens who have been taking out all Organic life and feeding off of it to live. They tell him he has to prepare before it’s too late. The Davids walk outside and as they do a rip in the fabric of reality happens and grows increasingly bigger.

Aliens start to pour through the inter dimensional hole. David runs upstairs grabs some of the inventions that he put together while studying and hands them out to the Davids and other people. David yells, something like “Stand your ground, this time earth wins.”

Smash cut to black


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