Fake Movie Friday: There’s No Turning Black

Zach gave me this title last night. Russ told me I had to do it and make it really racist. I think I can make this really stupid instead.

There No Turning Black

Cedwick is a good kid. He’s smart, helps out around the house, does all of his school work, just a damn good kid. Trouble is he is the only one. The only white mage living in a town full of black mages’. His step parents have tried to turn him evil but there is nothing they can do to help. Their black magic spells don’t work on him, unlike all other white mages, so they decided they had to take him in.

He’s outcast by the kids at school, as he is the only one to do his work, and he is put in detention for it. When the other kids try to play pranks on the teachers, Cedwick tells the teacher or stop the dark spell and gets in trouble for it. There are scenes of him trying to fit in and adorable things happening instead. All the black mages laugh.

His best friend, Cat, a cat that was left with when he was a kid talks to Cedwick but no one else. So everyone thinks he is crazy as well. When Cat runs away one day Cedwick follows him and happens upon a crack in a wall where his teacher and step parents are talking.

“He can’t be evil, it is just not in his blood.”
“I can’t believe we are keeping HIM so close to us. We should have killed him years ago.”
“He has no idea…” at which point Cedwick is pulled away by some black mage kids.
He struggles, they take Cat and Cedwick gets pissed. He starts to hover, lightning striking behind him everywhere, his eyes gone completely white. The kid who took Cat is turned to wiped out of existence immediately. The other black mages are at first shocked, then scared then they think it is awesome.

Cedwick runs, Cat follows. Cat tells him he has always been different. Cedwick has a crying fit and says he can’t believe what he’s done. Cat tells him that is why he is there. He then goes on to explain how his mother, a black mage, fell in love with a white mage. They were both banished and Cedwick was labeled an abomination. Black mages love that so they took him in, but he always more a White mage then black. His step parents took him in knowing that he was immune to black magic and held all the anti-black magic that white mages were able to cast. If they could have taught him black magic, he could have become the most powerful mage in the world, or it would all go wrong and he would destroy all of them. Cat tells him he has a choice. He must leave forever or be destined to kill all the black mages, which has been prophesied.

Cedwick decides to leave. Days later as he is asleep his step parents find him, they were worried sick and everyone at school is looking for him after what happened. He tells them what Cat said but they say its all nonsense. When they get back to town Cedwick is the most popular kid in school.

He’s still a good kid and gets thrown in detention but all the black mages are trying to be thrown in detention too. He’s all happy but at the same time starts to get this creepy look on his face, like Alex at the end of A Clockwork Orange.


After credits scene!

Cat is heard talking to Cedwick’s step parents and teacher.

“I gave you and out, you could be safe.”
“He’s one of us, he wouldn’t eliminate our race.”
“You underestimate him.”
“That’s easy for you to say, he opens up to you.”
“I tell him the truth.”
“Have you told him the truth about who you are yet?”
“He doesn’t need to know that yet. Besides, he’ll be able to handle it.”
“If my father was tricking me my whole life I think Id be mad.”
“I haven’t been tricking him. You are all in danger, and you can’t hide his mother from him forever.”

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