Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: The Cause of Causality

Ok, let’s wrap this trilogy up. Title is still from Tigs as he gave me the idea for a trilogy of films with these titles in one quick swoop. Part 1  Part 2

The Cause of Causality

We open in flashback as a young Nora is starting a new job as a nurse in a small strange hospital. The space is quiet and she seems to be a bit confused what she is waiting around for. She sits in an empty nursery with some other nurses until a door opens and a dozen babies are wheeled in. She is confused as she hadn’t seen any pregnant women or heard anything. They are told nothing and Nora is paired with baby Arthur. She asks around and is getting no answers and is starting to get more suspicious as it seems the scientist there have been doing weird stuff to the kids.

She takes Arthur and runs off. She finds a foster family for him and continues to keep an eye on him. She starts to notice his gift and hears about it from the family. She does a ton of work to “scrub” her life of any hint of their connection. As he gets older and moves to the city she sets it up that he’ll live below her.

We fade back to present day as the story turns into visions for Arthur, realizing we’ve been seeing what he sees. We cut back to seeing the room we left off the 2nd film with Nora showing him selected items that help him see as she tells the story. Nora seems a bit nervous but Arthur stands up and gives her a hug thanking her for everything she’s ever done.

Arthur is off to find what he can from the lab and Coventry offers to join him and aid as she can. The two head off but find the lab deserted. What Arthur can get from visions of the lab all run into dead ends. Coventry once again proves more helpful as regular police work and research do what his powers can’t and their flirtation continues.

They find another lab with a new batch of children and Arthur flips out. Coventry and Arthur break up the lab and find information about the head quarters. He calls Polanski to check in and is greeted on the phone by someone else though. He tells them that they have Polanski and Nora and that Arthur needs to turn himself into them or they will both die. Arthur is enraged and the two go off after them.

They arrive and begin to make their way in but are discovered. The voice over the loud speaker tells him that he should not have done this and a gun shot is heard. Arthur runs towards where they heard it to find Polanski beaten and bloodied in a chair. He sees visions of Polanski being beaten and winces. At that moment he sees a blood stain on the ground and sees Nora being shot in the head and dragged off. Arthur snaps and starts destroying the place, he beats up a ton of people brutally, all the while we see over and over again the shadowy vision of Nora being killed.

Arthur is beating a man senseless on the ground in a rage until we start to hear Coventry trying to calm him down. She tells him to look around and Arthur begins to see the destruction and visions of all the violence he has done around him. She tells him to look at her. He does and notices the look on her face, it is one of love, and their hands clasp. He starts to see the cause of this as well which are visions of the two of them from the past 2 movies getting closer. She tells him they have to end this but not like this. He agrees and they continue on.

Arthur and Coventry are attack in the next room by a man who resembles Arthur. The old head scientist is there and asks if Arthur recognizes him. They both came from the same lab, but his training was complete. Arthur is disorientated seeing visions of him being hit and the visions stack one on top of the other as he is hit more. He can hardly see through them as he is being beaten. He concentrates to ignore his gift and starts to win the fight back, killing the “brother.” Arthur is shot by the old scientist who starts to monologue about the work Arthur has ruined. Coventry kills the old man before he can kill Arthur and sits by Arthur’s side trying to stop the bleeding. Arthur passes out.

He wakes up in a hospital bed with Coventry at his side. Polanski is in the bed next to them and they are both recovering well. Coventry tries to play it tough but Arthur looks at her lips, cheeks, and hands. He has visions of her crying over him, kissing his forehead, and tightly holding his hand as he was out. He smiles at her and says everything is going to be fine. Coventry tells him she is so sorry about what happened to Nora, but he says she won’t ever really be gone. He looks in the mirror beside him and see’s the cause of him. Visions of Nora helping raise him, saving him, and watching over him appear around the room. He smiles and grips Coventry’s hand tight.

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