Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: December Twice

WE’RE BACK! That’s right, it’s been a long time but we all got movie title suggestions last night at our show and it feels great to be doing this again. Since we haven’t done these in a while, I feel like I wrote forever and these are crazy long – nothing has changed. I had two ideas for my title last night, and instead of choosing one or the other, or trying to blend them together somehow I just wrote two. Now, without further ado, welcome back everyone to Fake Movie Friday! 2,185 words ahead of you, you’ve been warned. Enjoy!

December Twice 

At 6 am the radio alarm goes off “The skies are clear but bring a jacket with you, it’s a very chilly December 1st”. Jim October lifts his head up slowly, hits the snooze button on the radio and goes back to sleep. At 945 he opens his eyes, sees what time it is, shouts expletives and rushes to get ready. There’s a montage of him showering, et al to that Ryan Adams song “To Be Young” culminating in him being stuck in traffic as we turns down the radio to turn the song off for the audience. 

He finally parks and runs into the office, holding and fumbling with a stacks of papers, he shouts to the secretary “where are they?” She tells him “second floor conference room 203 but it’s too late” only he doesn’t hear that last part because he’s running up the stairs. He arrives just in time to see some business people end a business meeting with hand shakes and such. Jan aka Jim’s rival at the firm waves Jim in. 

“Jim you remember Mr Okinawa”, Jan says with a smirk

“I do we had a lot of discussions.”

“Me Okinawa here just approved my business proposal and we are going to celebrate, you should join us.”

“This was my deal Jan.”

“Exactly, it WAS your deal Jim. Don’t be a sore loser. Come out with us.”

At lunch Jim can barely concentrate on the conversation his ears are ringing in rage, or possibly because he had to listen to a Ryan Adams song earlier. Jim excuses himself and Jan meets up with him to gloat. Jim punches him in the face knocking him out and leaves. 

That night he goes to meet his girlfriend, Jen, and tells her what happened, she’s empathetic but also hard on him.

“You always do stuff like this, why can’t you handle your emotions better.” They get into a big fight and go their separate ways.

The next day Jim is in his office at and leaves a voice mail for Jen apologizing for last night when his boss, James walks into his office asking him about hitting Jan. Jim admits to what he did and is fired immediately.

He gets home and in a rage trashes his apartment. When Jen arrives later she is horrified by the scene and they get into a big fight again, and Jim says some dumb shit like “This is who I am! Take it or leave it!” to which Jen says “Well then, I’m leaving it.” She leaves and Jim starts drinking. Days go by with Jim in a rut, laying in his trashes apartment drinking heavily. He finally decides to start applying for jobs again and gets a few interviews, the first of which he goes to drunk and throws up at the interview and is asked to leave. The second one he is still drunk but holds it together better, but still loses to job because he’s drunk. He finally sobers up and nails another interview, for a senior role at one of the biggest firms in NY (I guess we’re in NY now) until the person interviewing him asks him about punching Jan, and while he doesn’t lose his temper he doesn’t get the job.

On Christmas eve Jim is sitting in his still trashed apartment looking at the engagement ring he bought for Jen and calls her on the phone while holding it in his hands. He leaves another apologetic voicemail message, we then see him on Christmas day alone in his apartment again drinking egg nog and watching It’s A Wonderful Life, he calls Jen again but again no answer. On New Years Eve he gets a phone call from her and she says to meet up with her in Central Park, he has the ring in his pocket, but when they meet up she gives him some long speech about growing up and being able to handle himself and how she loves him but she can’t be with him until he can prove to himself that he can handle his emotions. Jim doesn’t say anything and she gets up and leaves. Jim stays on the park bench all night when an old man comes to talk to him, Jim thinking he’s a bum tries to give him money but the old man says he just wants to talk and asks Jim why he’s all alone and depressed on New Years Eve. After giving a brief recap of the movie so far the old man says something sage like, or something dumb like “There are enough negative forces and villains we have to fight against every day. Don’t be the villain of your own story, be the hero” and he walks away. Jim falls asleep on the park bench.

At 6 am the radio alarm goes off “The skies are clear but bring a jacket with you, it’s a very chilly December 1st”. Jim October lifts his head up slowly, hits the snooze button on the radio and starts to close his eyes before jumping out of bed. He calls 311 and asks for the date, they tell him December first, he looks at his iPhone which says December 1st. He doesn’t understand it but he accepts it and goes to work, a different Ryan Adams song plays this time. He arrives to the meeting early, well dressed and organized. Jim, James and Jan are all in the meeting with Mr Okinawa and Jim delivers his proposal with great excitement and, smirks at Jan. Mr Okinawa says he liked it very much, but wants to see what Jan has to offer. Jan does his pitch and Mr Okinawa chooses Jan’s proposal. They all go out to lunch where Jim again starts to feel his rage build up, excuses himself and when Jan meets up to gloat he just says “Congratulations Jan” and leaves the restaurant. He meets with Jen and tells her what happened, when she asks him if he’s upset he says no and has some other ideas about what he can do. He books the interview at that big firm again, and this time he nails it but they still don’t offer him the job. He starts to laugh out loud in the office.

He meets with Jen and tells her what happened and she tells him she’s proud of how he acted. He gets on one knee and proposes to her. She says yes and something about how she’s been waiting for him to ask for years. They spend christmas together and on new years eve they ring in the new year together. They count down the last 10 seconds before the ball drops together and as just as they are about to say “Happy New Year” to each other Jim wakes up on the park bench.

He goes back to his apartment and cleans up everything, he calls up Jan and asks to meet him where he apologizes to him, Jan is snarky as always but Jim just says congratulations and moves on. Jim e-mails the big firm and thanks them for the interview and then goes and gets a job at a local coffee shop. A few weeks later Jen walks in and see Jim there, he says it’s good to see her and she says the same, and he asks her to get a coffee. He tells her that he’s doing a lot better and how much he misses her. She tells him he misses him too, she puts her hand on his and they look into each others eyes as a Ryan Adams song starts to play in the background.


And here’s the next!

December Twice

December is a 12 year old girl living in a small town. She has a normal life, she goes to school, plays with her friends and the like. There are scenes of her taking tests and getting A’s on everything, drawing and having her parents put her art on the fridge, going to the doctor and the doctor say she is perfectly healthy, singing at her school at a talent show and the like. Everything is perfect in her life. She spends a lot of time with her best friend Didi, they go out to get ice cream, Didi’s favorite is mint chocolate chip, they play on swings, play in a castle in the backyard and such. December’s teacher Mrs Johnson loves December, they have a great relationship where December will talk to Mrs Johnson after school for lengths at a time. At home December plays in her room, has a hiding spot under her bed where she and her stuffed animals have a fort, goes to her play castle in the back yard where she reigns over her tiny domain as a fair and apt ruler, she plays hide and seek with her parents, and even though she always chooses the same spot, the closet in the basement, her parents can never find her. Every 15-25 minutes the screen will digitize for a brief moment, like the internet is going out while watching a video.

A few days go by and everything is still perfect, December wins the science fair at school with her homemade radio (I should have won my science fair in 6th grade with my homemade radio, but WHATEVER at least she finally gets the recognition I deserved), takes tap dancing lessons after school and continues to have her perfect life.

December goes to school again, but this time Mrs Johnson seems weird and off. She’s distant to December like she hadn’t met her before and wasn’t her friend or teacher. December asks her after school if everything is okay and Mrs Johnson assures her that everything is fine and she should go home. She and Didi walk home together where December tells Didi something is off. Didi also tells December everything is okay and it’s all in her head. At home her parents say the same thing.

The next day at school Mrs Johnson is still acting weird and December is getting worried. On the walk home with Didi they stop to get ice cream and Didi orders plain vanilla. December asks he whats going on and Didi says it’s her favorite. December goes home again and tells her parents something is up but her parents tell her everything is fine. The next day at school Mrs Johnson is still distant and Didi is acting weird, she’s stand offish and makes fun of December. December runs home crying after school, and as she opens the door to tell her parents what happens she sees her parents at the dinner table with a little girl that looks exactly like her, we’ll call her December2. December asks whats going on and her parents and December2 say everything is fine. December, still with tears in her eyes runs out of the house, followed closely by December2. December2 tells her that December has been asking too many questions and has been fired. December doesn’t know what she means and tries to run, but December2 catches her, knocks her out and locks her in her/their room.

When December wakes up she finds herself alone in the room, she is able to escape through the door and there are scenes of her slowly walking through the house while her parents and December2  watch static on the TV. She stares at them while they do this and December2 turns her head around and smiles, gets up and runs after her. December runs through the house and loses December2. December2 checks under the bed, in the castle in the backyard, and then heads down to the basement. She goes to open the basement closet when the sound of a door shutting and locking is heard, December is on the other side of the basement door and runs outside.

There are police officers and townspeople all looking for December while she tries to make her way out of the town. There are close calls but no one ever catches her. December comes to the bridge out of town and standing on the other side is December2. December2 gives some speech about December’s time being up and how no one wants to watch her boring, ordinary life anymore. December tells 2 that she can have this life, she’s leaving or something much better than that. They tussle and December throws 2 into the water below, and continues on. She crosses the bridge and takes the road as far as it will go, always looking behind her to see if anyone is watching. The road continues to narrow and she is surrounded by a thick forest when she comes to a wooden door in front of her. She opens the door and walks through.

At this point the camera zooms backwards to show a TV screen and a group of people watching December escape, when a voice on the TV says “Congratulations to December for escaping our nightmare scenario, tune in next week and see what’s in store for our new recruit Jill!”


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