Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Fools Gold

Tigs sent me 23 titles today. I’ll be picking from them for the next few weeks. There are some good ones in there. The man is a genius. Guy Ritchie isn’t, but I enjoy his gangster stuff a lot. This is one of those.

Fools Gold

We open on a man tied to a chair in a dimly lit room. In walks in Walter Hill, a tough London gangster type, begins to interrogate him about a robbery. Apparently someone stole a stash of gold and diamonds from a safe hidden in a front. The man tied up says he doesn’t know anything, two guys whose voices he didn’t recognize hit the store where the safe was and stumbled onto the safe. They didn’t seem to be going after the safe and lucked out. Hill kills the man and tells some henchman to find these idiots.

Throughout the credits we see a sped up version of the heist. Dave and Ronnie hit the store stealing from the registers. We can tell they aren’t the smartest. They find the safe and are ecstatic over the haul and get away. We see them party and then head to meet a fence for the diamonds and he tells them that they are all fakes. Title card.

We see two scenes side by side. Dave and Ronnie talk about the fake gold and diamonds as do Hill and his right hand man Tugs. Hill says the diamond and gold were for show and the stories, to help build his legend. Dave and Ronnie argue over what to do with the fakes, if they could possibly find someone dumb enough to pay big for them. Hill tells Tugs that it can’t get out that he had things stolen from him OR that his stashes are fake.

Tugs starts asking around for the thieves and tearing up the worse parts of town. He runs into Dave’s girlfriend who is wearing an awful lot of flashy jewelry. We jump back to seeing her yelling at Dave until he presents her quickly with the pieces and they bang. She heads off to work until running into Tugs. We cut back them banging again and we see Dave heading out to meet Ronnie to try and sell some of the pieces to less qualified buyers.

They admit to some people around town where they took it from and the news travels. Some people put it together that it a) belongs to Hill and b) is fake. People start hitting different locations owned by Hill thinking that he doesn’t really have the money to back it up and higher muscle. Places that have more value than the store Dave and Ronnie hit. Dave and Ronnie are pissed that they aren’t having any luck. Dave gets a vague message referencing people having something they are looking for.

The two head off figuring they have a buyer or a job lined up. The two head to where the message says and are met by Hill, Tugs, some men, and Dave’s girlfriend. Dave is confused but tries to play it off. Hill talks about how they stole from him and are ruining his business. The two are very confused. Hill tells his men to advance before another group crashes in looking to take over Hill’s business. In the confusion Dave and Ronnie get away. They accidentally leave his girlfriend.

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