Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Stolen Hearts

Right back hitting that giant list Tigs sent me last week. This is going to be Hitch but with magic powers.

Stolen Hearts

We open in a coffee shop. An attractive barista goes about her day. An unassuming man orders from her and sits near by. He works on a laptop and gets more than one drink. She doesn’t notice him staring. A real hot dude walks in and she looks up and her eyes light up a bit as an immediate attraction sparks up. Our main character, Quentin “Q” Pidd, bumps into the attractive man. Q then walks over to the unassuming man and touches him on the shoulder. The barista turns away and now looks longingly at the unassuming man. Q looks at the camera and says “Its just something I can do.”

Over voice over he talks about how he can’t create love but can redirect it. He says men who have trouble getting the attention of women hire him. That’s all he does though, doesn’t make anyone love someone just gives them a better shot. All he needs to do is wait for the woman to feel attracted to someone and he can steal that and give it away. He’s very successful as we see his huge apartment and lavish lifestyle. The problem is it doesn’t work on him. It even as an inverse effect, the more he uses his power the more invisible he becomes to women. We see and hear all this over a montage of him helping guys out but also having a hard time meeting women out himself.

Roger Barnes, a high-powered lawyer type, who says he needs help attracting a court stenographer named Lacy, contacts Q. Q is hesitant because he doesn’t think Roger needs his help with him being successful and attractive. Roger seems a bit of an asshole and Q tries to explain that she’s not going to love him immediately that he’ll need to put the work in after the attraction is passed on. Roger brushes him off and offers him a great deal of money to help out. Q decides to help out.

Q meets Roger at a bar by the courthouse and just tells him to wait. Q is watching Lacy waiting for her to see someone whose attraction he can steal. She doesn’t seem to be interested in anyone but as Q watches her we see he’s getting into her. He talks to the camera that he likes her and at that moment she looks at him. They meet eye to eye. She reacts with great interest and a look on her face of great attraction. Q seems shocked and talks to us while she walks over. He is a bit nervous as they chat for a moment. Roger comes over annoyed and touches Q without him realizing it and his powers trigger. Lacy’s attention switches from Q to Roger. Q is upset and leaves.

Q gets paid but is upset. He starts to hang around the courthouse and sees that Roger and Lacy start to date. He’s especially upset because it’s clear Roger doesn’t treat her that well. Q tries to talk to her one night be she hardly notices him. Leaving the bar upset he bumps into a lot of people and conversations switch and things get a little crazy as he almost seems to be becoming invisible under some lights.

Q decides that he’s been causing more trouble than good. He decides to visit some old clients and take back the attraction. As he finds them he starts to see that he created some really wonderfully happy couples. Either they are excited that they got a chance to show someone what they are really like or if it didn’t work out they feel comfortable in the knowledge that it just wasn’t meant to be. Q realizes that he has been helping and he is more visible than ever.

He heads to the courthouse and finds Roger being mean to Lacy and she seems scared. He punches Roger and it has an effect that he is not attracted to Lacy at all. He also can’t seem to see Q or remember him. Lacy looks to Q in the same wide eyed interested way as before and the two head out for a drink.








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