Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: The Great Diaper Rash

Ugh. 2 weeks in a row that I am posting the movie early Saturday morning. I think we can all agree to count this as late Friday night instead. Title from an audience member at Pig Pile!

The Great Diaper Rash

We open on Taylor. She’s working the kitchen of a fancy restaurant and is propositioned by a coworker to get in on a side catering job. She turns it down saying she needs to be there for her son. Not looking she burns her arm on the fryer.

She wakes the next morning to the sound of an infant crying. We she her being great with her young son Gene. We meet the babies father Todd who seems shitty and talks about a new venture of his that sounds like BS. She asks him for what seems like not the first time to get a real job and help out.

It’s her day off and while changing Gene she notices a diaper rash on him that vaguely resembles a cross. She treats it however one treats a diaper rash and in doing so it rubs against her burn. Sue jokes with the infant trying to get him to say, mommy (which would be his first words).

The next day at work she is confronted by her coworker who brags about his catering payday. He then notices that her burn is gone. She seems confused having not thought of it since the day previous.

At home that evening she sees the cross rash is deeper and redder than before, but doesn’t seem to be bothering Gene. She seems suspect and decides to rub an old scare against it and we see it heal away. Todd learns of the power and says the should use it to make money. Taylor disagrees.

At work the next day Taylor notices patrons leaving enmass. She leaves too when she hears about a healing baby. She heads home to find a giant line down the street of people looking to be healed. Todd is charging people $50 a head to be healed by Gene’s rash. Taylor gets angry and takes Gene, locking themselves on her room. Todd yells at the door but she falls asleep hours later.

She awakens the next day to chanted as already a small cultish group has gathered in honor of her son. She sees out the window that Todd continues to be charging for this and that, clearly making a lot of money.

People offer money and possessions to Taylor if only to be let in to see Gene. But she refuses even as the offers her more extravagant. The crowd ends up getting violent and goes after Todd who hasn’t delivered on the promises he has made to them. Todd is killed and Taylor is terrified.

The fervor of the crowd reaches a peak as the begin to destroy the house. They busy into the room she has been held up but before they can get to her a light erupts.

We hear a young voice saying mommy. Taylor looks down to see Gene reaching up to her face. She says that this is all she wanted. The light shoots out around them as the townspeople are seemingly calmed by it. The rash is now gone from Gene.  The crowd heads out leaving mom and son alone in the broken shell of their home.

Taylor tells Gene he is perfect just the way he is and that there is nothing more she needs. She holds him tight as the camera pans back and we see the pieces of the house start to rise up and reassemble themselves

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