Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Money Changes Nothing

So last week I celebrated two weeks in a row of remembering to write something. Eating my words currently. Title from Tigs! Here we go!

Money Changes Nothing

We open on an insanely expensive sports car speeding through NYC streets. It pulls into a private parking garage and a fancy looking man emerges and enters an elevator that has the word ‘private’ in big letters on them. He enters to no buttons on the inside. He says, “Take me up” and the elevator starts to rise.

A flash takes over our view and we see ‘Money Changes Nothing’ written in blood on a wall. A police photographer takes another shot of it and the camera follows them as we see the rich man dead on the ground. Two cops talk over the body. The man was rich, single, and little to no family. He worked for some hedge fund or something. The female detective, Sharon Tuttle, turns to answer her phone. It’s her young daughter’s school and she needs to run.

She heads to the school to find her daughter in the nurse’s office. She has bad asthma or something and had a bit of an attack. They arrive together at a modest apartment and we see she’s a single mom. Her bathroom is filled with medicine for her daughter. She sighs and heads off as we hear the young girl yell ‘mom.’

She awakes to a start as her phone rings. Her partner calls her in to interview the people the victim worked with. On the way in they pass by a crazed looking protester that screams about greed and the coming punishment of the 1%. They meet with a few other elites in the office who are obviously douchey. They speak highly of the victim, good worker, successful, and even charitable. They meet with Tad, a sort of rival in the office for promotions who seems standoffish. They also meet with Chris, a young new employee who seems a bit to nice for the business who flirts with Tuttle.

They meet with the company accountant who also helps the employees with different finances. Carl Founce, the accountant is a sheepish man who helps them look into his money. He has been spending wildly but nothing out of line for a young successful guy. There are some small, scattered donations to a few charities. The most recent is to a childhood cancer charity. They leave seeing the crazed protestor being dragged off by security.

We cut to Tad at home where he’s pounced on and has his throat slit. Tuttle an her partner arrive to once again find ‘Money Changes Nothing’ in blood on the wall. They head back to the office to talk to the company about what is going on. On their way in she sees Chris talking angrily to the crazed protester in a doorway nearby.

She speaks to the boss who seems worried but more about the company than the dead employees. She does not talk to Founce but he left information for her to look over. She finds nothing out of the ordinary but does notice they both just gave to the same childhood cancer charity. They head that way to talk to the charity, as this seems weird. Nothing seems amiss there and they leave with some fliers.

Her and her partner decide to track down this protester. They have to chase them down, but upon catching them they realize they have the wrong person. It turns out the protestor is an old friend of Chris’s who was just trying to look out for them. The protestor said they were mad at Chris proved to them that he was just trying to raise a little money to start a more noble business and has even been giving most of his money to charity. The protestor notices the flier in her pocket and says that’s the one. Tuttle takes another look at it and sees the photo of a young girl, now deceased who had the disease. The girl’s name is Cyndi Founce.

They race to Founce’s but he is not there. They find plenty of incriminating evidence including Chris’s address. The cops race over there, but find Chris safe. Instead they are called because the Boss was found dead. They head to the boss’ place but Tuttle receives a call from Founce. He tells her to act naturally if she doesn’t want her daughter to die. He tell’s her to head back to Chris’.

Upon arriving she find Founce with Her daughter and Chris tied up. Founce says he returned home to find it was raided by police and decided to set up this test for Tuttle. He says his daughter died of cancer and the elite and rich, who if they actually tried to come together to really give and make a difference. Instead they only gave little here and there to make themselves feel better. When they started giving to foundation for the disease his daughter died from he snapped. They didn’t even realize what the foundation was and it’s connection to him.

He tells her that he knows her daughter is sick too. He asks her what wrong he has done compared to the rich. He tells her she has a choice. Kill Chris and let him walk away or her daughter will also be a victim of the rich. Chris is able to free himself from his binds and takes a bullet for her daughter. Tuttle then kills Founce. She calls for an ambulance after hugging her daughter. She smiles at Chris holding his wound. The young girl introduces herself to him.

The end.

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