Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: No One Believes You

So during the first volume of Fake Movie Friday, Alex wrote one film. Understandably we gave him a hard time about this. After the book was published and we decided to start Vol 2 we joked about him writing one. When it came time to ask the Pig Pile crowd for our first week suggestion Alex announced he would do one too. Tigs gave him a title. He did not write it. Tigs and I have decided to both write a film using the title. The only rule is DO NOT MENTION THIS TO ALEX. Let’s see when he notices.

No One Believes You

Kori is a teen girl and part of the in crowd. She’s hanging out with a group in a field. Their cars surround a bonfire. She seems a bit out of place when it comes to partying and turns down drinks. Her boyfriend, Jeff, is a real alpha type. She walks off and hears something coming from the tree line. A crazed looking man appears muttering. He locks eyes with Kori saying things like “They are coming. There is precious time left. They must be stopped. I can’t do it. I die tomorrow and no one is going to believe you.”

Someone yells out “Get out of here Crazy Dave!” Everyone turns to laugh and throw things at him. He scuttles off still muttering, looking back at Kori. Jeff drags her away to make out in his car. She turns him down from going further and he drives her home. Coming into the kitchen she is met by her father. He tells her how is was worried. He starts to say something along the lines of “if your mother was…” but cuts himself off. She storms off to her room.

The next day she is talking to her guidance counselor. She seems disinterested in the college application conversation her counselor is trying to start. Kori asks her what she knows about Crazy Dave. He was apparently a normal guy who left town mysteriously and returned one day different, always muttering about some coming threat. The counselor continues the original conversation and as we fade out on Kori’s blank stare we hear “I know since your mother…”

Someone yells Kori’s name and she seems to wake up. She is standing in a coffee shop with Jeff and some friends. She orders quickly and they walk out. Coming down the street is Crazy Dave. He seems even more crazed than earlier. He seems to be running straight at Kori, and practically speaking right not her. Jeff pushes him before he gets too close and Dave stumbles into the street getting hit by a car. His body is flung away landing near them, facing Kori, still staring at her. In her head she hear’s his voice again “they are coming.”

Kori seems in a daze as the cops and ambulance arrive. They question all of them. We see her father talking to the police. We over hear him say how she has seen so much death at such a young age. He approaches her, puts his arm around coldly and brings her to the car.

In bed that night she’s restless. Awaking the next early the next morning it is still dark, she enters the bathroom and flicks on the light. The walls are all painted with messages saying, “they are coming, you have to stop them” and the like. She screams. Her father comes in seeing the messages and notices the paint on her hands. He is confused why she would do this and seems worried about her. She turns to him and says they are coming.

She gets dressed and rushes off in a hurry. She is met by a group of the in crowd and they all seem scared of her. They don’t believe her. Jeff tells her to get away from them.

She heads out to the woods, seemingly knowing the way she is going. She runs into Jake, a sweet nerdy male friend who I forgot to mention earlier. He tells her that he’ll come with her because he is worried about her, clearly has a crush (This was supposed to be set up before but I’m not going back). They come upon a cave that Dave was staying in. There is similar writing all over the walls that she saw wrote in her bathroom. There is also a map and she recognizes a hill that Dave marked off.

She turns to Jake and says they are coming and that she needs to find a way to stop them. He looks confused and backs away. He tells her that she needs help and turns to leave. She seems hurt that he of all people won’t believe her. She runs off, but is stopped by her father and some police. They take her away though she screams that they are coming. They bring her to an institution and she sits scared in a padded room in the corner.

She is brought to go see a doctor who asks her about her mother’s death and the death of Crazy Dave. She stays silent. They take away and she fights off an orderly she somehow makes it outside. She runs to the hill where the map showed as the sunsets. Atop the hill cars surround her. Her father and some police come to her. She yells the same message before a great light appears above her. She looks at it as a ship descends. She screams that she was right, but that she wasn’t ready and that there is no way to stop them.

The light engulfs her and she finds herself being sucked up by the light. She is moved by strange figures down a hall way and stuck into a room. She sits in the corner muttering that she was right. She was right and they came.

The room on the ship and the way she sits creates the same picture as when she was in the institution. They do a lot of scene work here to leave the question open about where she is.

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2 thoughts on “Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: No One Believes You

  1. Dunn says:

    Amazing twist! It was a fuck you to Alex the whole time!

  2. johnnytigs says:

    Ha! Amazing! Love the ending on the ship. EAT IT ALEX!

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