Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Über Driver

Title comes from Pig Pile last night. I can’t say whether or not they meant it with the umlaut or not. I’ve chosen to include it because I think it will make for a more interesting movie.

Über Driver

A young couple get make out on the street. The girl looks pretty drunk and the guy is aggressive. A ride share service car pulls up and they get in. Things go down hill for the two and she starts to get angry with him. He is unrelenting and hits her. The car comes to a screeching halt. The guy yells about how the driver should stay out of their business before he is yanked out of the car and thrown across the street in the air with superhuman strength. The driver gets back in the car and asks her where she wants to be dropped off, in a thick German accent. He tells her that it will be free of charge and not to worry. Title card.

The cab driver, Werner, heads home to his modest apartment. There is a mattress on the floor and a packed bag near the door. He heads to sleep. He checks a computer the next morning for stories about what he did last night. He is relieved to see no mention on any news sites and heads out to drive. Short montage of passengers talking to him and ignoring him, nothing out of the ordinary. We end on a businessman asking him some simple questions about himself. Werner starts to get a bit suspicious and eyes him in the rear view mirror. The man sits with his brief case open fiddling with something. The questions get too specific and the man slips into a German accent. Werner swerves the car off the road and he runs off at an inhuman pace. The man stumbles out of the car firing a gun at Werner.

Werner races home to his apartment and jumps 3 stories onto his fire escape from the alley. He thought no one was around but then notices the woman from last night standing by the street outside his place. She saw him make the jump. He runs into his place and grabs his computer and bag. He heads outside and tells her to stay away from him. He runs off leaving her. He heads to a new city and checks the internet again searching for himself. Instead he reads about the girl he saved, Vanessa, missing. He looks stressed and lays down.

We cut to Vanessa being questions in an unknown location. A strange German man is questioning her about Werner. She tells them she knows nothing and he was just a driver who helped her out. The bad guy starts telling her that Werner is very dangerous and they need her help. She tells them that they are the ones that seem dangerous and points out a man with a gun in the room. The interrogator starts to get angry and at that moment Werner comes smashing through the wall. Someone screams “The Übermensch” as bullets bounce off of him. He grabs Vanessa and runs off with her.

She had fainted and wakes up in a small apartment in another city that is set up much like Werner’s other one. She questions what is going on and we get a flashback. Werner was a young German man taken by the Nazi’s and experimented on. They perfected their super soldier work and wanted him to fight for them and help the Third Reich enact the final solution. He rebelled and escaped. He ended up being a reason the German’s lost the war but secret Nazi sects have hunted him. A byproduct of the experiment is he is now immortal.

He tells her that he is now too much on the radar and that they’ll be coming for them and apologizes for getting her into this. She tells Werner that he owes him twice now and not to worry. They are attacked at that moment and Werner fights off the attackers easily until a gas is released. Werner feels himself weakening. Vanessa springs into action and finds a way to neutralize the gas. Werner fights more of them, and even clones of himself before finally winning.

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