Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Christmas Comes Early

Let’s get ahead on this shit again. Tigs gave me a big long list of titles and I’m ready to rock after how disappointed I am after last week’s movie, which I didn’t even tweet out.

Christmas Comes Early

Ben is a hotshot Wall Street type. He lives in a fancy apartment in the city and does two things, makes money and bangs chicks. What he doesn’t do is care about anyone (off to a great start this week). It’s late November and he’s on the phone with his parents. He tells them that he won’t be able to make it to thanksgiving since he’s too busy. They are sad but things get worse when he then says that he probably won’t make Christmas either. He shrugs it off and heads out for the night. He returns home and passes out. As he does we hear sleigh bells.

He wakes up to find himself in an elf costume, not noticing it or the lavish Christmas decorations up in his apartment as he walks to the bathroom. He finally notices screaming into the bathroom mirror. His apartment is decorated floor to ceiling for Christmas. He’s freaking out running around. He goes to change but finds more elf clothes in his closet. He finally finds some old dirty sweats from his HS and puts them on. He starts to clean up all the decorations. He finishes one room and heads to another pilling trash bags up. He turns forgetting a broom in the other room and upon entering finds it redecorated. He faints.

Ben’s awoken by a friend of his named Alex. Alex is awestruck by the decorations. Ben tries to explain that this isn’t his doing. We find out that the apartment smells like gingerbread cookies, a model train that goes into the wall and comes out covered in actual snow, and an automated work bench making and wrapping toys. Alex notices that the only clothes he has are plain and HS relics. He asks him about the previous night and learns Ben told his parents he wouldn’t make Christmas. Alex proposes that is the reason for all of this. Ben is skeptical about something so fanciful so Alex opens the pantry again and we see a reindeer eating cereal from the floor. Ben says maybe that’s a possibility and decides he should head home. Alex says he is coming too and asks if he could grab a drink from the fridge but finds it stacked with only eggnog.

His parent’s house is small and modest but more importantly also decked out for Christmas. It’s the weekend after thanksgiving and his parents come out elated to see him. They say they are thankful for the decorations he had delivered and set up. Seems they were at church and came home to find the house set up. Ben plays it off like he planned this. Alex comments that it even smells like cookies here. As they head inside Ben’s mom asks him what a reindeer eats, and before he can ask why he sees one run behind the house.

Ben is tense around his parents as they tell him all about the different people who he used to know in town. Crowds start arriving at the house to see the elaborate decorations and Ben notices a familiar face. Karen is an old girlfriend of his and he heads out to talk to her. They get along well and he is then introduced to her son. The father is not in the picture. The boy is extremely excited about the set up but Ben doesn’t seem interested in talking to a child. Karen leaves a bit annoyed after hitting it off so well with Ben.

The next day Ben awakes to find Karen at the house again. She thanks him for the decorations that he had delivered and set up. Ben seems confused and as she talks about how excited her son was and that she read Ben wrong the previous night he realizes that like his parents he is being pushed to her. He invites her out and she accepts. They have a wonderful time.

He gets a call from Alex who headed back to the city. Alex lets him know that the decorations in his apartment are completely gone. Ben cancels his plans for the next day with Karen and heads back. When he enters though the decorations are even worse than before. He gets a call from Karen telling him that the extra decorations he had delivered to her house don’t make up for him letting her and her son down. They need someone they can depend on, not presents.

Ben heads to a big meeting he’s been referencing all movie that I just didn’t think to mention here. Things are going well and his bosses love him but he can feel his heart not in it at all. They talk up a big Christmas bonus for him this year but they’ll need him to work through the holiday. He says he doesn’t need gifts either. He takes off back to his hometown. At this point the entire town is decked out in lavish decorations that everyone thinks are from him. He runs through the crowds looking to thank him until reaching Karen’s house. He makes an passionate speech while dressed as an elf again. She forgives him and they head inside. A herd of reindeer run by the front door.

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