Graphs: Family Matters

I decided to do family members next. I personally thought there would be a lot more. I included bride, groom, wedding, marriage just because I didn’t want to do a separate wedding graph.

Not surpirsed that Wife/Wives/Bride is way up there. Chicks dig that stuff. Brother/Son is high up due to a lot of ‘Son of _____’ films. Very little husband love which was surprising. Also no one likes grandparents.

Lady Rose’s Daughter 1920
A Son of David 1920
Afraid of His Wife 1921
Land of My Fathers 1921
The White Sister 1923
The Marriage Circle 1924
Mother 1926
Husband Hunters 1927
The Kid Brother 1927
The Wedding March 1928

Coming up next might be COLORS!
Or maybe Kids!
Or Love!
I haven’t decided.

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One thought on “Graphs: Family Matters

  1. johnnytigs says:

    I guess it’s expected with all of the Son Of and Bride Of movies for those two to be the highest. Poor grandparents, no love at all.

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