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Many movies are being split up lately. Whether they want to make sure they fit in everything or just want more cash, people have been accepting of the split since they are huge fans of a book series.

‘The Disappearence of Eleanor Rigby’ will be doing the two movie split as well.

The what of who? That’s not a book, but it has the potential to be one of the most interesting film experiences in quite some time.

The film will be about a New York couple and their marriage/relationship. They films will have the subtitle ‘Him’ and ‘Her’ due to the fact that they will be told from the perspective of him or her. Two films telling the same “love” story but with a different focus, tone, and viewpoint.

It is set to star James McAvoy, who was just announced replacing Joel Edgerton, and Jessica Chastain. I’d figure with the switch in the male lead, they may soon cast a younger actress. The writer/director Ned Benson has only 3 credits for short films, so this has to be quite the script to get those big names and money for two movies.

If done honestly, written and acted well, this has the opportunity to be one of the most interesting looks at a relationship on film. I’m excited for more news.

The title is awful though.

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7 thoughts on “Tell Me More

  1. Ashley says:

    An interesting concept. But ugh, more movies about a relationship slowly failing (I assume) are not really what I want to see.

    • peter says:

      I get that. I just think showing both perspectives can really show the situation unlike we’ve ever seen. I want to be on one side, then see another movie and have my perceptions shattered.

      Also I’m single so shut up.

      • Ashley says:

        So it looks like both movies are coming out in 2013. How do you think timing is going to work? Will they be released close together, far apart, at the same time?

        • peter says:

          Good question. 2 movie movie points for you.

          I think there should be a little time in between. But I think you’d want to see the other with the emotions of the first fresh in mind

  2. Dunn says:

    Sounds interesting, reminds me of Flags of our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima (though I never saw Letters so I’m not sure how closely related the two films actually are). Come to think of it, a really cool dual movie idea would be to have one movie be like Scarface, and the other like the Untouchables, as opposed to American Gangster which tried to have both story lines in one movie, and the cop part dragged the whole film down.

  3. johnnytigs says:

    Is it based on the Beatles song? Cause I’d see that. Well. I’d listen to the song and say I saw the movie. It is a good song.

    • peter says:

      Oh man. Was eleanor Rigby d’ing father mackenzie!?!? I don’t understand metaphor

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