The Most Important Buddy Cop Movie Ever Made

This is an important time for women comedians. We are getting to the point were the wave of succcess created by ‘Bridesmaids’ is coming to an end. There needs to be a female driven comedy or they will disappear forever.

I’m not talking about a film about some hapless yet beautiful woman dealing with the hijinks of trying to fall in love. Also it doesn’t need to be a gross out, “look women can do this too” type film. Bridesmaids needs to be a open door for women and not a mirror which is just used to replicate the success.

There’s a strong chance to achieve this with the recently announced, yet untitled, buddy cop film from director Paul Feig. The movie is set to star Sandra Bullock as a hard-nosed FBI agent forced to deal with a Boston cop played by Melissa McCarthy. The two leads have the ability to pull in a huge diverse crowd. Stamping every piece of promotional material with “From the director of Bridesmaids” won’t hurt either.

Katherine Heigl needs to go. Actual women being funny needs to take its place. I’m rooting for this.

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3 thoughts on “The Most Important Buddy Cop Movie Ever Made

  1. russ says:


  2. peter says:

    If I was a woman, I would have boycotted her lady bounty hunter movie. I’m just a guy so I just plain old didn’t see it.

  3. johnnytigs says:

    Since Russ said it perfectly I’ll just quote him: “FUCK KATHERINE HEIGL!”

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