Here Come The Changes

No one is denying that the shooting in Colorado was a terrible thing. Reactions have been nice overall especially the lack of fingers being pointed at the entertainment industry. People have tried to make a Joker connection but the absurdity of the comparison has kept it from catching on. Luckily most stories have been about not allowing someone to amass so many weapons instead of not allowing movies to be violent.

But changes have started.

The deranged murderer is getting a ton of media coverage. Basically, exactly what he wants. Now his horrible deeds are effecting other films. This only claims that the viewing public is unable to separate fact from fiction, where it should be that those who can not should be looked out for and educated.

In the trailer for the upcoming film ‘Gangster Squad’ there is a short clip shown of a scene where gangsters shoot “tommy guns” through a movie screen out into the audience. Trailers are being pulled to be retooled and the scene is being taken completely out of the film.

Sure it my be a sensitive scene for the victims and their familes to watch, but it’s also a film. If Hollywood can make films like ‘World Trade Center’ and ‘Remember Me’ which use the 9/11 attacks as either a plot point or twist I think the country can deal with this ‘Gangster Squad’ scene.

Take off the kiddie gloves that say “If you can’t separate fact from fiction, we are sorry, we will tone down the fiction.” Keep fiction strong and make sure people who think that it’s real are quickly taught otherwise.

Delay the movie.


One thought on “Here Come The Changes

  1. russ says:

    I agree. I’d just delay it till the holidays. Theres more money to be made that way and all the college girls will be free to swoon on gosling over their breaks.

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