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Movie Movie Podcast #31: Squad Stand

Welcome to the new year and what better way to start it off then a month late and with the Movie Movie Podcast! This year looks to be… well let’s just hope for the best but root for the worst. Join Alex, Pete, Russ and myself as we gush over The Last Stand and put out a hit on Gangster Squad. Weak, I know. Oh, and news. Random, right? Recorded on January 30th 2013.

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Here Come The Changes

No one is denying that the shooting in Colorado was a terrible thing. Reactions have been nice overall especially the lack of fingers being pointed at the entertainment industry. People have tried to make a Joker connection but the absurdity of the comparison has kept it from catching on. Luckily most stories have been about not allowing someone to amass so many weapons instead of not allowing movies to be violent.

But changes have started.
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Justice League of Extraordinary Mistakes

Apparently today will be Comic Comic Day on here at Movie Movie. Russ is bringing you some ‘Black Panther’ rumors later and now we have more news of a ‘Justice League’ script.

This is a horrible idea

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