Justice League of Extraordinary Mistakes

Apparently today will be Comic Comic Day on here at Movie Movie. Russ is bringing you some ‘Black Panther’ rumors later and now we have more news of a ‘Justice League’ script.

This is a horrible idea

Warner Brothers has tapped Will Beall for a draft of the DC hero club. Beall wrote ‘Gangster Squad’ which looks great. Ensemble cast, action, with a good bit of drama mixed in is exactly what a JL movie would need.

A good script does not a good superhero movie make. There’s a feeling each film needs to hit visually, in its story beats, and with the actor’s performances.

Each Marvel movie felt different. Captain America was campy, Iron Man was slick, Thor was mystical, Hulk SMASH. The ‘Avengers’ film felt important and pressing. Each character retained their own feeling and blended well because they had something important to do.

Green Lantern was whiny, who knows how the new Superman is going to feel, and Batman shouldn’t want to TALK TO ANY OF THEM. Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman have no film. They have no feeling. Also they are all white. They can’t just have Amanda Waller be a Fury type handler.

There is no way for this film to work in the current state of DC films. Make a solo character film besides Batman work first, then build your universe.

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3 thoughts on “Justice League of Extraordinary Mistakes

  1. Dunn says:

    Warner Brothers completely dropped the ball on Green Lantern, let’s see how many other superheroes they can screw up!

  2. russ says:

    well they’ve hired the guy who wrote GL to write Flash, so they are headed in the right direction. If the right direction is fucking up completely. I don’t understand why so many GL writers, producers etc. are still involved in this Justice League universe. Jettison all of them and ignore the movie like Letterier’s Hulk did to Ang Lee’s Hulk.

  3. johnnytigs says:

    I think a JLA movie would be pretty shit as well, but a JLE movie….NOW WE’RE TALKING

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