Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Bullshit

Did you like ‘Green Lantern’? I bet you did. Did you like ‘Contact’? Who didn’t?! Well good news, writer Michael Goldenberg is combining his masterful skills of writing superheros and strong women into a ‘Wonder Woman’ script.

I hate Warner Brothers. They don’t get it. Green Lantern was such a colossal fuck up. It was a rushed and jumbled mess. The main character wasn’t clearly defined and came off as weak. This can not happen with WW. I can not stress enough how badly this will turn on them if they make her weak.


2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Bullshit

  1. Dunn says:

    Wasn’t Joss Whedon working on Wonder Woman at one point? They should just dust off that script (if they got that far). I mean, they already paid him, wouldn’t they want a bit of that Whedon/Avenger’s buzz?

  2. johnnytigs says:

    I agree with Dunn if he is in-fact correct. If not, FUCK YOU DUNN. WW being weak is like Samus being weak, these characters are badasses for a reason and once you start to diminish any quality of their strong, tough, unique personas you’re just writing a new character.

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