Kevin James & the Inspirational Sports Drama?

When I first heard that Kevin James was going to be in a movie playing a teacher who decides to start MMA fighting to make money for his failing school, I thought, “this is going to be a typical happy madison shitbird.” Then I saw the trailer for his film Here Comes The Boom and thought “Ok, it’s not happy madison, but its still shit.”

It’s like someone knew that while Warrior bombed, it was a good enough film, so why not toss in some comedy, some fat guy falling, and watch the money pile up.  I don’t think this will be good at all, but I think it will certainly do well.  The tone of this trailer is all over the place, but I doubt that’ll matter.

I still hate MMA though.


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One thought on “Kevin James & the Inspirational Sports Drama?

  1. peter says:

    Bull SHIT!
    I can’t believe this. I refuse to believe it.

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