Kiss Kiss Lovely Molly’s Lips (or Flogging Lovely Molly)

Gretchen Lodge, who appears to be playing a relative of Burt Reynolds, is scared by the poor choice of window curtains in this house she couldn’t wait to live in (again?). At least that’s all that I can really tell from this trailer, maybe I’m off but NOTHING HAPPENS IN THIS TRAILER. There are a lot of bold claims as well, saying this film will redefine the horror genre. From a movie that looks far too much like Paranormal Activity with a couple more bucks for real cameras I think they’re talking it up a bit. It is from the people who brought you The Blair Witch Project (which is obvious from the woman staring into the camera crying scene at the endish of the credits) and Lord of the Rings, because we’ve all been waiting for this collaboration for YEARS. I could wait longer though.

6 thoughts on “Kiss Kiss Lovely Molly’s Lips (or Flogging Lovely Molly)

  1. peter says:

    This reminds me of Bug.

    • johnnytigs says:

      Another movie in which nothing happens. Unless you mean A Bugs Life! That movie was TERRIFYING. Bugs talking to one another, plotting and scheming….NO THANK YOU

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