Drunk Goggles

Before the sold-out midnight screening of Avenger the audience applauded the Spider-man preview. They went nuts over the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ trailer. Even the first look at ‘Frankenweenie’ got some cheers. ‘Prometheus’ got some boos and groans.

I was shocked. But if you really think about it, is it a good trailer?

I love the Alien franchise, especially the first one where it was really a horror movie more than anything else. I also know ‘Prometheus’ is also from Ridley Scott. I also know it is a prequel and may in a big or just subtle way tie into these films.

But do other people?

They are keeping so much of it secret that I don’t think the regular movie going public is aware of this fact. There are people I work with who halfway into watching the second season of ‘The Walking Dead’ learned it was a comic series. I’ve even been in Midtown Comics and heard someone say, “Oh, they made a Walking Dead comic.” I think some of us take for granted our greater depth of knowledge we have in these matters.

So, without knowing anything does the trailer look a bit like a cookie cutter alien (lowercase alien) film? The beginning of the trailer when they are finding the different pictograms is actually pretty boring. After that they show very little. The tiny glimpse of a villain looks a bit too much like the one in ‘Sunshine.’

Are those of us excited about each peak a new trailer offers more interested in the things they aren’t showing us than what is actually there? I am starting to think so. I worry this movie is going to do poorly (for a summer blockbuster) it’s opening weekend. Word of mouth may save it, but I don’t think it’s being marketed to a wide enough audience.

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One thought on “Drunk Goggles

  1. johnnytigs says:

    Of course we are more excited for what isn’t being shown! That’s what makes us us. The ridiculous and at times insane meticulous attention to details about the making of and stories surrounding film more so than the film itself. It being Alien-esque, and from what I can tell of the bad guy it looked less like Sunshine and more like the dead alien pilot from the first Alien movie. People will be disappointed. And I will bathe in it.

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