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Behold, Dunetheus!

Dunn, this one is specifically for you. It’s no secret that HR Geiger’s work on Jodorowsky’s failed Dune would eventually lead him to Dan O’Bannon who wrote Alien. The design for both the Xenomorph and Space Jockey were from Geiger’s works. It then makes sense that more of his work would serve as inspiration for Ridley Scott’s latest Prometheus. Only the works in question that inspired structures in Scott’s latest are actually designs that were going to be used for Dune! That’s right, decades later some of the visions of Jodorowsky’s insane, out of this world, I wish this movie had been made more than any other in the history of movies, Dune are coming to frution. Head over to http://badassdigest.com for a much better and well written description and after that check out Cellulord who actually made these amazing still comparrisons: Continue reading

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Drunk Goggles

Before the sold-out midnight screening of Avenger the audience applauded the Spider-man preview. They went nuts over the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ trailer. Even the first look at ‘Frankenweenie’ got some cheers. ‘Prometheus’ got some boos and groans.

I was shocked. But if you really think about it, is it a good trailer?
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