Kitsch is back and this time he’s angry

Taylor Kitsch may have had arguably the worst year in film last year.  A year where he was poised to be a breakout star in can’t miss films like John Carter, Battleship, and Oliver Stone’s return to form, Savages, he instead became the butt of most snarky bloggers’ jokes.  Sucks. I’m sure other actors had worse years, but probably not one who was supposed to become a megastar.

It looks like Kitsch may have learned his lesson as he’s taking some different roles in 2013.  We’ve reported on the others, so I wont get into them, but he recently signed on to play the villain in Exit 147.  It is written by Travis Malloy, who wrote the underrated Pandorum, and will be directed by Julian Jarrold, of Kinky Boots and the forever-in-my-netflix-queue’s Red Riding trilogy.  Based on the talent behind the camera, I think Kitsch might be able to play a small town sheriff who terrorizes a man who gets stuck in the town.  Or maybe he can’t, but I think this is a much safer role, and a much smaller film, so that even if it’s a giant failure it’s not a historically epic one.

We’ll see!


p.s. This might be my 5th Taylor Kitsch post.  I just like the guy

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  1. Dunn says:

    Having never watched Friday Night Lights, I don’t get the appeal of Taylor Kitsch at all. You should definitely watched the Red Riding trilogy, it was number one in my six great trilogies you may not have seen post

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