Fake Movie Friday: Mirror Image

Ice-T has a new book coming out, his first foray (is that the right word?) into the world of fiction writing, in May titled Mirror Image that I just got a advance copy of. Colm then suggested I use that title for my FMF this week. So I bring you:

Mirror Image

Some high school, Middle America. Stacey is completely uncool. Half of the time it seems like there is no reason for it. Her friend Heather is extraordinarily popular with everyone. When Heather is in a group of people, Stacey will just leave them be and maybe wave. Heather’s friends will always make fun of Stacey, but Heather defends her though she won’t stop hanging out with those people. Stacey is a brunette, short, stocky, with curly hair, acne, glasses and brown eyes. Heather is a medium height blonde with pale blue eyes, straight hair and perfect complexion.

When Stacey and Heather hang out, they are like too peas in a pod. They both love all the same movies, food, stores etc. Stacey thinks that Heather is gorgeous and still stare at her adoringly from time to time.

In Stacey’s room, on her mirror and all over the room there are pictures of Heather, or of her and Heather. She will spend time brushing her hair and looking at the picture of Heather. Sometimes she talks to it and asks advice to the picture, which she also responds to in a different voice.

One night Heather is out on a date that goes pretty bad, and while walking home calls Stacey to complain to her. Heather is a bit tipsy from the date. Stacey goes out to meet her and they go tot heir favorite malt shoppe (that’s a thing right?) and hang out and talk. They walk home, Heather has her arm around Stacey and on the way stumbles for a step. They look into each others eyes and kiss. They both smile about it and Stacey helps Heather home and then walks back to her house.

The next day in school Stacey is all happy, and goes looking for Heather who is in a group of people. Stacey tries to jump in on the conversation but everyone, even Heather, is not responsive to her. Stacey is hurt and confronts Heather later. Heather at first denies that anything happened. Stacey finally gets her to admit it but Heather tells Stacey it was a mistake what happened and maybe they should spend time apart.

Stacey even more crushed than before runs home crying, for whatever reason there are no parents involved anywhere at any time. She goes to the mirror and just weeps even more. She then becomes very calm. She bleaches and cuts her hair, straightens it out, takes off her glasses and reinvents herself completely. The next day at school no one recognizes her at all and people start talking to her like she’s one of the cool kids. Heather’s group of friends all migrate over to Stacey, and they all start to see how cool she actually is. Heather, crushed from lack of popularity, starts spreading rumors throughout the school about Stacey being diseased and a lesbian. People start to shun her again and Stacey, now having tasted the popularity she craved for so long, is more depressed than ever.

She tells Heather they have to talk, and they both meet up at their favorite malt place. Stacey already has the drinks ready when Heather finally gets there. They chat for a bit and Stacey asks Heather why she spread all the rumors around about her. Heather says jealousy. Stacey smiles, then starts to laugh and says, “I’ve been waiting my whole life to hear that,” and then walks out. Heather is left sitting by herself and doesn’t leave for a long time. She starts feeling woozy and eventually passes out and dies from the poison in her drink. Stacey goes to a wheat field and lays down in the middle of the field waiting for death.

Stacey reappears in her room, looking in the mirror again. She is brushing her hair with the picture of Heather stuck to them mirror like it always has been, starring at it when you stops. She takes the picture of Heather down and throws it into the trash bin next to her. She continues to brush her hair and slowly comes to a stop. She puts the brush down, smiling as she looks into the mirror. She places her hand on the mirror and passes right through it, she enters the mirror world, picks up the mirror brush and staring into the camera starts to brush her hair again. She places the mirror brush on the mirror desk and walks out of the mirror door out of her mirror room.


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