Less Is More: Natalie’s Lose Lose Trailer

(At least) Half of this 1 minute and 2 second long trailer is just a blank screen, with either a woman screaming for help behind darkness or a Saw-esque phone conversation. Natalie’s Lose Lose, Eric Williford’s first foray into directing, looks to be a torture-porn/kidnapping story, also not unlike Saw. There was no gore to speak of in the trailer, so who knows what the final product will be. I don’t know how I feel about this movie yet, honestly. It looks interesting but also a bit tired. Some of the scenes seem a bit more stylized than your typical gore-fest, which is always a welcome change of pace. But the simplicity of this trailer is what sells me on it. I dreamed about a trailer similar to this (for a Fake Movie Friday I’ve done recently) and the sparse nature of this trailer has completely sold me.

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