Popeye & How Sometimes I Zig Where I’d Zag

They are making a new Popeye film.  Typically I would be annoyed about this, because it’s yet another adaptation that I feel is unnecessary.  Like it’s not like we need the untold story of Popeye at this point, or like he is even a very popular character these days, but for some reason, I am slightly intrigued by this.  I loved Popeye growing up and the character has been gone long enough to actually come back and have some people care.  I worry though if a weird talking guy who eats spinach and punches the shit out of people would go over well in today’s PC days, but if they keep true to the roots it’ll be cool.

The best news about the film is that its going to be directed by Genndy Tartakovsky.  The dude who made Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, and Dexter’s Lab.  All awesome cartoons that were hyper stylized and smart enough for an adult to enjoy as well.  While Hotel Transylvania is his next film, and it’s got a very heavy Happy Madison feel to it from the casting, I still think there is hope that it could just be a funny movie with cool monsters.

Anyway you slice it, I think there is a market for a Popeye film if they strike the right tone.  I’m assuming of course it will be computer animated.

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One thought on “Popeye & How Sometimes I Zig Where I’d Zag

  1. peter says:

    If this is Tartakovsky making a film so he can get the money to make a way more stylized animated action film then I’m in. If it’s him making another crap after Tranny Hotel, then keep it!

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