Salma, Buddy… We Need To Talk

Hi Salma Hayek.

If you noticed I called you “buddy.” I’m not going to call you sweetie, darling, princess, or anything else that degraded you as a women.

But I’m here to talk to you about playing strippers. You need to stop.

I’m sure a lot of men are mad at me for saying this but really, your new film ‘Americano’ marks the third time off the top of my head you’ve portrayed a stripper on film (From Dusk Till Dawn, Dogma).

You are a very talented actress. You seem to be terrifying in ‘Savages.’ You seem to be playing a type that you haven’t done before, but I still assume that there will be a scene of you in a small bikini around your character’s fancy pool at one point for no reason.

You’re better than this,

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One thought on “Salma, Buddy… We Need To Talk

  1. johnnytigs says:

    Just for the record, I’m okay with this. But I still agree.

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