Skyfall To Be An Actual Film

Bond 23 is to be released in October. For some reason people still like to refer to these film by their number. Somehow people are able to do that with a straight face. They don’t say “23”, pause then say “ok, we should really stop this.”

The Daniel Craig reboots/retoolings/reimagings/prequels/magical mirror dimension films went for a more real to life feeling. They made Bond grittier, because that’s how Batman made so much money (“THE ONLY REASON!” -Hollywood).  While this worked and made the character a bit more modern, it fell way short in their second effort “Quantum of Solace.” The problem here was lack of an interesting plot or characterization of any kind.

Sam Mendes was brought in because he knows how to make people talking to each other seem really interesting. The press machine for this movie will soon begin once they think people forgot about Avengers and Batman. So far they’ve started making interviews where the point they really want to get across is “Bond is a complex character.” There’s a lot to him. He’s conflicted about his duties. He’s dealing with his anger and grief. There will be more to him in this one.

So once again-

Skyfall will be an ACTUAL FILM.

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  1. johnnytigs says:

    I shudder at the thought of Bond being conflicted about anything

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