Surely You Jest

Elijah Wood has had one of the more interesting Hollywood careers. He started at such a young age with success, but also huge failure with ‘North.’ He made a triumphant return as Frodo and was the most interesting casting choice in ‘Sin City’ when he played Kevin. He just never seems A-list, but he never goes away.


A new film has been announced that he will be starring in entitled Grand Piano. It has been described as “Speed with a piano.”

Uh… what now?!

Apparently he plays a concert pianist who after years away due to stage fright returns for a big show. Upon starting he finds a threatening note on the piano. I think it’s safe to assume that if he doesn’t play the song perfectly he blows up, or someone he loves dies.

Let it sink in.

Now for an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek



One thought on “Surely You Jest

  1. johnnytigs says:

    Wow Elijah Wood looks the best he has in years! Oh wait, that’s Bugs Bunny, never mind. That being said, I’m seeing this movie when it comes out

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