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Movie Movie Podcast #19: Seven Argopaths

What happens when the four psychopaths have a skype call together? The Movie Movie Podcast, of course! So what if I stole the title from an e-mail Pete sent? Our first attempt at a skype call and it’s a doozy. Yeah that’s right, doozy. Join Peter, Russ, Alex and myself as we unravel Argo and meditate hard on Seven Psychopaths. Recorded on October 15th 2012 using SKYPE!

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OSCARBAIT: Ben Affleck’s Argo

I have no problem with Oscarbait, as long as it’s good.  Ben Affleck’s latest film is further proof that he had no business trying to be the It Man of Hollywood blockbusters and rom coms.  Instead of making shitburger after shitburger, his Gone Baby Gone, and The Town, showcased that the man can direct the hell out of a film, even if it’s fairly standard by plot.  He’s been reminiscent of Eastwood with his film direction, and even his acting has improved. That being said, I think Argo has the potential to be very good.

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