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Movie Movie Podcast #29: Django: Miserable, Thirty

Let’s wrap start wrapping up 2012 shall we? Before we do our end of the year podcast and top ten lists there were a couple of super giant releases we needed to talk about. Join Alex, Russ, Peter and myself as we sing our praises for Les Misérables, have our thoughts on Zero Dark Thirty redacted (not really), and touch on the hot button issue that is Django Unchained. Recorded on January 8th 2012.

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Django Unchained Trailer #2

I need to see this movie more than anyone will ever know.  The second trailer makes me feel even more like it’s the reparation-based film I’ve been waiting for my whole life!

It looks like everyone involved in this film is having the best time ever whilst filming it.  Leonardo DiCaprio will probably finally get his Oscar. Maybe.

Check it:

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The D is Silent

:Insert something mildly racist but heartwarming and funny here:
Out this Christmas, Tarantino’s latest, Django Unchained, doesn’t exactly feel or look like one of his at first, but it definitely sounds the part. I enjoy that. Check it:

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